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Humanoid UFO Spotted In The Skies Above Germany
Well to be honest I have seen something similar. It was a short con trail from an aircraft. So what do people think

Quote:August 6, 2018 LUFOS EuropeLatest posts

[Image: ufo-humanoid.png]
A video shows a mysterious human-shaped UFO hovering in the skies. Conspiracy theory YouTube channel ‘mavi777’ has uploaded the clip online. The video was reportedly recorded from Dresden, Germany. The YouTube channel claims that something unusual is taking place in the skies.

A resident apparently shot the video on July 29 of this year. As soon as he discovered something strange, he sent the footage to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for further investigation. The eyewitness wrote in a report that the object did not look normal.

Many online conspiracy theorists have started suggesting that the object in question might be a shape-shifting alien humanoid. Alien hybrids, as per these theorists, have many unique abilities, such as shape-shifting to help them hide from the public.

YouTube user Louis Mac said that they saw similar object over Texas while in a plane and they have a picture to show.

However, others strongly objected to the views of alien enthusiasts. These skeptics, including YouTuber The Full Metal Chef, stated that the sky sighting is an aerostatic weather balloon that got misinterpreted as a UFO. They explained that these balloons had been observed across the world.

Some others argued that it might be a weird looking cloud.
Went to the source and watched the video, looks very much like balloons stacked on top of each other, more than likely a person with a Gopro camera attempting to get pictures from higher up.
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