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Capital Gazette Shooting
Q warned us to watch out for such things. They need a big story to take eyes off what's happening with the Strzok and Rosenstein hearings today.

Quote:Police are responding to a report of an active shooter with victims at the Capital Gazette newspaper building in Annapolis, Maryland. CBS News reports at least four people are dead. Others were injured.

“Active Shooter: 888 Bestgate Road #Annapolis. Media staging area is 839 Bestgate Road,” Lt. Ryan Frashure of the Anne Arundel County Police Department tweeted. Frashure told reporters at a briefing that officers were doing every thing they could to secure the building and get people out safely. The police department then tweeted that the building has been evacuated

Quote:#update confirming active shooter at 888 Bestgate Road in Annapolis. Building evacuated. Officers continuing to search building. Relocation point is inside Lord and Taylor in the mall.
— Anne Arundel Police (@AACOPD) June 28, 2018

Anne Arundel County Sheriff Ron Bateman told Fox News there are multiple people dead at the scene and the shooter is in custody. A motive for the shooting is not yet known and the suspect has not been identified.
This is a developing story and will be updated. Here is what we know so far:

1. An Intern Tweeted ‘Active Shooter … Please Help Us’
Quote:Active shooter 888 Bestgate please help us
— Anthony Messenger (@amesscapgaz) June 28, 2018

An intern at the newspaper, Anthony Messenger, tweeted, “Active shooter 888 Bestgate please help us,” about 2:40 p.m. on Thursday.

Reporter Phil Davis confirmed to the Baltimore Sun, which owns the Capital Gazette, that there was a shooting and multiple people were shot. The newspaper building is in Anne Arundel County.
Davis, who covers courts and crimes for the news organization, tweeted, “A single shooter shot multiple people at my office, some of whom are dead.”

Quote:A single shooter shot multiple people at my office, some of whom are dead.
— Phil Davis (@PhilDavis_CG) June 28, 2018

Davis added, “Gunman shot through the glass door to the office and opened fire on multiple employees. Can’t say much more and don’t want to declare anyone dead, but it’s bad. There is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you’re under your desk and then hear the gunman reload.”
He said he is waiting to be interviewed by police.

Joshua McKerrow, a photojournalist for both the Baltimore Sun and the Capital Gazette, tweeted, “Massive police response to shooting in my newsroom in Annapolis,” along with photos from the scene:
Quote:Massive police response to shooting in my newsroom in Annapolis. @capgaznews
— Joshua McKerrow (@joshuamckerrow) June 28, 2018
“This is going to be a long, long, long investigation,” Anne Arundel Police Lieutenant Ryan Frashure told reporters.

2. A Shotgun Was Reportedly Used & the Suspect Is in Custody
Quote:UPDATE: @ABC7Brad reporting that according to sources, a shotgun was involved and a suspect is in custody in Annapolis shooting.
— Nancy Chen (@NancyChenNews) June 28, 2018

WJLA-TV reporter Brad Bell is reporting that the suspect used a shotgun. A suspect is in custody, he reported.
“We’re doing the best we can,” Anne Arundel County Police Lieutenant Ryan Frashure told reporters. “We’re doing everything we can to get people out safe and we’re trying to minimize the casualties.” He said they wanted to make sure people are safe.

“And again, there’s a lot of factors that got into this, so there’s a lot of secondary things we have to look into also,” Frashure said at the press briefing. “Whether there are other shooters, there might be more than one, bombs, anything like that, so there’s a variety of things we have to go through.”

According to police scanner transmissions, police were searching for explosives.
CNN reports that the suspect was taken into custody alive.

Read more here: Source
Quote:Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: c545bc No.1946309 ?
Jun 28 2018 17:23:24 (EST)
Quote:Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: c545bc No.1946203 ?
Jun 28 2018 17:19:24 (EST)
Law enforcement should interview the therapists.
Each shooter has one coincidentally.
Relocation within 30 days of each shooting?
New name?
FBI doesn’t know this?
Spooks are hard to find?
Dream to reality.
 ?   ⬇ 
[Image: 0b42ddb7f5dab423577752c83f8543746d512af1...3630c.jpeg]
Why are Freemasons on the scene of most shooting locations?
Openly giving interviews or in background shots?
Symbolism will be their downfall.
The killer has been identified as Jarrod Ramos, 38 years old.  His father worked with the one of the alphabet agencies.

[Image: gazette-killer1.jpeg?w=800]

The "target" he was after had a mark on his head that is used to trigger MKUltra victims.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4025]

Quote:So the killer in the Capital Gazette attack has been identified.

Quote:Shooter is Jarrod Ramos, 38 years old- had a defamation lawsuit that was dismissed against the Capital Gazette per @MSNBC
— laney (@misslaneym) June 29, 2018

And he reportedly had a vendetta against the newspaper… since 2012.

Quote:NBC News: The shooting suspect's name is JARROD RAMOS. 38 years old. He was identified by multiple law enforcement officials to NBC News. He had sued the paper in 2012 for defamation. Case was tossed by a judge. @Tom_Winter @MSNBC
— Jesse Rodriguez (@JesseRodriguez) June 29, 2018

Here’s his twitter:
Quote:I’d say Moylan should kill himself, but I hope he lives to see this. Then the crooked prosecutor can fuck off like Frank (i.e., like Phil).
— Jarrod W. Ramos (@EricHartleyFrnd) January 21, 2016
Quote:Fuck you, leave me alone @judgemoylanfrnd.
— Jarrod W. Ramos (@EricHartleyFrnd) June 28, 2018
Quote:So fortuitous having an open mic to go outside the record in the Court of Appeals. And they think *you're* stupid!?
— Jarrod W. Ramos (@EricHartleyFrnd) June 6, 2015

Weird. I guess Trump’s rhetoric inspired him in 2012, right?

Quote:A shooting in a newspaper office after years of journalists being called the enemy of the people. I’ve heard so many Trump supporters call for murdering the press. Now they’re celebrating all over the Internet. We’re heading somewhere very dark.
— Jared Yates Sexton (@JYSexton) June 28, 2018
Quote:Milo's been lowkey yelling people to gun journalists down. Trump has called the press the enemy of the people.

There's an active shooter situation happening in Annapolis right now.
— Emily G kmii (@EmilyGorcenski) June 28, 2018
Quote:Shooting reported at Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, a paper owned by The Baltimore Sun.

Maybe Trump should stop referring to the news media as "Enemy of the American people."
— Polly Sigh (@dcpoll) June 28, 2018

This guy is clearly insane. And yet the media jumped to blame Trump for this. Of course, when a Muslim shoots up a place, we are told not to jump to conclusions….

Of course here is an opportunity for the left to blame Trump because he's always putting the media down. They never miss a beat.
Quote:We don’t know the motive for the Capital Gazette newspaper mass shooting in Annapolis, but sincerely hope how Trump and the far right incite hatred towards journalists had nothing to do with it. Regardless, this should send a message that rhetoric is dangerous and unacceptable.
— Adam Best (@adamcbest) June 28, 2018
Quote:"Don't politicize the Annapolis shooting!"

Fuck you. It was politicized the minute Trump called the press "the enemy of the people".
— Denizcan Grimes (@MrFilmkritik) June 28, 2018
Quote:➤Trump holds rallies to fuel rage, blaming fake news
➤Milo Yiannopoulos comments, “I can’t wait for the vigilante squads to start gunning journalists down on sight"
➤Today someone opened fire on journalists at the Annapolis Gazette.

This is what inciting violence looks like.
— Amee Vanderpool (@girlsreallyrule) June 28, 2018

I don't know if you see what's happening here, but I do.  Let me explain it to you...

Mad Maxine went on a rampage telling people to push back against Trump supporters, and basically telling them to use violence. People were outraged with her actions, including Democrats on Capitol Hill; they even called for her to resign. MadMax is clearly part of the Deep State Swamp.
So they (the Deep State) had to do something to switch the focus to Trump and his supporters causing violence.

So, what do they do?  They wake up a sleeper cell with the symbol on this guy's forehead and send it  to him in a message, and he is triggered to go on a shooting rampage where the guy works. He had a lawsuit against them in 2012, so that gives them a good thing to blame it on.

The Anons are digging into who this shooter's therapist was.  All the past shooters have been in therapy, or on strong drugs when they went on their shooting sprees.

See the recent Q posts for all information regarding this shooting. Start with post #1627

Q is taking us down another rabbit hole to expose light on the darkness.

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Q just confirmed my thoughts above... kind of.  This was posted on AFTER my post.


Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: f240d5 No.1952168 ? NEW

Jun 28 2018 22:54:56 (EST)

Coordinated effort to ramp pro violent attacks (4ch 8ch /pol/) (threads).
Mods controlled (4ch).
Staged to frame pro POTUS supporters.
Push violence (trap).
Coordinated RL attacks (link).
Cause & Effect.
MSM outcry to force action.
It’s already begun (small > large).
Ready David?
Project Monarch/MKULTRA victims have handlers, usually therapists, who program and can activate/trigger them when needed. They also have EMF weapons they use on their patsy, aka Voice of God.

I've noticed some shooters also have a family member who works with a government agency. Jarrod Ramos' dad worked in the NSA.

From Q post #1636:

Quote:Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 309a1c No.1950090 ?
Jun 28 2018 20:45:55 (EST)
Quote:Anonymous ID: a67b67 No.1949870 ?
Jun 28 2018 20:32:20 (EST)
Were the shooters all branded with this mark?
The key = therapist.
Weak minds.
Use of symbolism to push strength and belonging to something powerful.
Find the link (common denominator).
Error made.
Name can be found due to filing.
Other patients?
Relocation imminent?
Conspiracy risk.
End (for now).
Haspel must find & term clas program.
She knows.

Ramos' therapist was Sandra O'Neill.  He became unhappy with her and started seeing another therapist, Kathy Miller at the Oasis Mental health center in Annapolis.

Based on information about Kathy Miller (posted on Twitter), she is used to help program these shooters. She erases their memory and programs in the trigger point to activate them at the appropriate time, a method used in MKUltra.

Here is a video that explains the different stages of MKUltra Monarch Programming:

It all ties back to the Cabal, and lots of symbols seen at shooting sites involve the Free Masons.

As I said previously, the rabbit hole goes deep.
Another interesting fact; the Q post below suggests the therapist moves every 30 days after a shooting by someone they triggered.

Quote:Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: c545bc No.1946203 ?
Jun 28 2018 17:19:24 (EST) Law enforcement should interview the therapists.
Each shooter has one coincidentally.
Relocation within 30 days of each shooting?
New name?
FBI doesn’t know this?
Spooks are hard to find?
Dream to reality.

The therapist uses a program called Deep Dream to program their subjects.


DeepDream is a computer vision program created by Google engineer Alexander Mordvintsev which uses a convolutional neural network to find and enhance patterns in images via algorithmic pareidolia, thus creating a dream-like hallucinogenic appearance in the deliberately over-processed images.[Image: wikipedia.png]More at Wikipedia

He accused Judge Nick of using the newspaper's computers to solicit sex from children, and Tom Marquat (?), former editor, knew but didn't do anything about it.

It always leads back to children for sex with these people.  I believe this is the root of the  motivation for all the evil corruption in our world; it sure seems that way.
I've posted the deep rabbit hole involved with this shooter, but as for the rest of the world not reading this thread, he will just be another enraged man with a gun and a vendetta, because that's all the MSM will ever report on him.

Quote:ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) -- The gunman accused of killing five people in a vendetta against a Maryland newspaper barricaded the rear exit to prevent anyone from escaping and blasted his way through the newsroom with a pump-action shotgun, cutting down one victim trying to slip out the back, authorities said Friday.

"The fellow was there to kill as many people as he could," Anne Arundel County Police Chief Timothy Altomare said after Jarrod W. Ramos, 38, was charged with five counts of murder in one of the deadliest attacks on journalists in U.S. history.

Ramos' long-held grudge against the Capital Gazette included a string of angry online messages and a failed defamation lawsuit over a column about him pleading guilty to harassing a woman. Police looked into the online threats in 2013, but the paper declined to press charges for fear of inflaming the situation, Atltomare said.

"There's clearly a history there," the police chief said.

Ramos was denied bail Friday after a brief court hearing in which he appeared by video, watching attentively but not speaking. Authorities said he was "uncooperative" with interrogators.

His public defenders had no comment outside court.

Three editors, a reporter and a sales assistant were killed in the Thursday afternoon rampage.
The killings initially stirred fears that the recent political attacks on the "fake news media" had exploded into violence, and police tightened security at news organizations in New York and other places.

But by all accounts, Ramos had a specific, longstanding grievance against the paper.
At the White House, President Donald Trump, who routinely calls reporters "liars" and "enemies of the people," said: "Journalists, like all Americans, should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their jobs."

Prosecutor Wes Adams said Ramos carefully planned the attack, barricading the back door and using "a tactical approach in hunting down and shooting the innocent people."

Adams said the gunman, who was captured hiding under a desk and did not exchange fire with police, also had an escape plan, but the prosecutor would not elaborate.

The attack began with a shotgun blast that shattered the glass entrance to the open newsroom. Journalists crawled under desks and sought other hiding places, describing agonizing minutes of terror as they heard the gunman's footsteps and the repeated blasts of the weapon.

Some 300 local, state and federal officers converged on the scene and within two minutes police had begun to corner Ramos, a rapid response that "without question" saved lives, Altomare said.
The police chief referred to Ramos as "the bad guy," refusing to utter his name because "he doesn't deserve for us to talk about him for one more second."

Ramos was identified quickly with the help of facial recognition technology because of a "lag" in running his fingerprints, the chief said. Police denied news reports that Ramos had mutilated his fingertips to avoid identification. 
The chief said the weapon was a 12-gauge shotgun, legally purchased about a year ago despite the harassment case against Ramos. Authorities said he also carried smoke grenades.

Ramos apparently held a grudge against the Capital Gazette's journalists over its 2011 coverage of his harassment of a woman. He filed a defamation suit against the paper in 2012 that was thrown out as groundless.
He so routinely sent profanity-laced tweets about the paper and its writers that retired publisher Tom Marquardt said he called police in 2013, telling his wife at the time, "This guy could really hurt us."

The police chief said the newspaper didn't press charges at the time because "there was a fear that doing so would exacerbate an already flammable situation."
In 2015, Ramos tweeted that he would like to see the paper stop publishing, but "it would be nicer" to see two of its journalists "cease breathing."
The online grudge apparently "went dark" for a period until some new posts just before the killings, Altomare said. But the chief said police were not aware of Ramos' more recent online activity until after the rampage, saying: "Should we have been? In a perfect world, sure, we should have been."

Investigators were reviewing Ramos' social media postings and searching his apartment in Laurel, Maryland. Altomare said authorities found evidence at the apartment of the planning Ramos put into the attack, but gave no details.

Those killed included Rob Hiaasen, 59, the paper's assistant managing editor and brother of novelist Carl Hiaasen. Also slain were editorial page editor Gerald Fischman, special projects editor Wendi Winters, reporter John McNamara and sales assistant Rebecca Smith.
The newspaper said two other employees were treated for minor injuries.
The city of Annapolis announced a vigil for the victims Friday night at a public square near the Capitol.
Contributors include Associated Press writers Eric Tucker, Michael Balsamo, Sarah Rankin and Denise Lavoie and the AP News Research Center in New York.

So, this is the story the MSM is putting out to the public.  No mention of Jarrod W. Ramos having been treated by a therapist whom he was probably programed by using MKUltra tactics, no mention of the court case he brought against the judge that used the paper for soliciting child sex, etc.  He's just another nut job on the lose with a vendetta against a woman because she didn't remember him from school. minusculeheadbanging  
See? This is why it pays to do your own research... in EVERYTHING!

Quote:ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — A woman whose harassment by Jarrod W. Ramos led to his vendetta against the Capital Gazette says she immediately panicked when she learned of the attack on the paper that killed five people.

Speaking with NBC's "Today" show in an interview aired Monday, she said his relentless abuse forced her to move out of Maryland, where Ramos is now charged with murder in Thursday's shootings.

"I would be afraid that he could show up anywhere at any time and kill me," she said. "I have been tormented and traumatized and terrorized for so long, that it has I think changed the fiber of my being."
NBC agreed to obscure her features and use only her first name, Lori.

She described their first contact, years ago: "He reached out to me via email, to ask if I remembered him from high school; I replied to him, nicely, that I did not," she said.

Several more exchanges followed, until, months later, she said she didn't write back quickly enough for him. His response: "He said f you, go kill yourself. You're going to need a protective order," she recalled.

Ramos eventually pleaded guilty to harassing the woman, which the newspaper reported, and from that point on Ramos launched a vendetta against the Gazette, threatening its staff online and in the courts.

"He is very cold, he is very calculated, he is very intelligent," Lori said. But "one thing that I do feel now is that he can no longer silence me."


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