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I fear that Sweden is lost, each day it comes a little closer to war and the leaders just dont seem to understand it.

The Call To Prayer 5 Times A Day Via Loudspeakers Usually Begins With The Refrain "Allahu Akbar" And It Will Soon Ring Out Across Swedish Towns

Paul Joseph Watson

A Swedish Bishop has responded to an application to have the Muslim call to prayer broadcast in the immigrant suburb of Araby, Växjö by welcoming the move as a positive sign of multiculturalism. "Muslims are not visitors in Växjö, we live here," said Imam Ismail Abu Helal. Fredrik Modéus, the Bishop of Växjö endorsed the proposal. "It is natural in a multicultural and multi–religious society that different traditions and religions are heard, are visible and are interacting for a good society," said Modéus in a statement, adding, "I therefore welcome the application for call to prayer." The Bishop said the call to prayer was no different to church bells and should be embraced. The application is likely to be granted because others have already been approved in Stockholm. This means that the call to prayer, known as the adzhan, which is broadcast 5 times a day in Islamic countries via loudspeakers and usually begins with the refrain "Allahu Akbar" will soon ring out across Swedish towns and cities. Respondents to the Bishop’s statement were not so positive. "Maybe the next step will be that the Church of Sweden adapts to Sharia law as well?" asked one. That last remark is prescient given that the Swedish Church is set to lose one million members over the next 10 years and is being forced to sell properties to make ends meet. Another Swedish Bishop expressed her desire to see Christian symbols removed to make churches "more inviting" for Muslims. Eva Brunne, who is the first openly lesbian bishop of a mainstream church in the world, wants the church to be treated more like a public airport, where prayer rooms are made available to Muslims, by removing Christian symbols and "marking the direction of Mecca."
This is really sad.  Sweden is dead.  Once a really awesome place.

I hope Americans will take heed.   tinycrying

(02-16-2018, 08:39 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote: This is really sad.  Sweden is dead.  Once a really awesome place.

I hope Americans will take heed.   tinycrying

You're Absolutely Correct.

I also hope Americas watches and listens.

Sweden was such a nice, clean and safe place to vacation at a few years ago.
But then, they weren't controlled by progressives, the Bleeding Heart Liberals.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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