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Who is Abel Danger?
Who?  Well, they are a group of patriots who are helping to expose some of the more nefarious deeds of our government, all the way back to the JFK assignation, and even prior.  
If I had to bet on who Q is, I would place my money on the Abel Danger team. I have noticed several times where Field makes statements exactly as it is posted in the Q posts on 4Chan and 8Chan.

I could have placed this in another thread, but the information in this book Field is writing is too important to be missed.  He places some of what he shares as fiction, but he told on one of his videos it's all true.  He has to do it that way for a reason, you know?

ETA: I also found chapter six available online (at Twitter):  Two War Brides Who Saved Their Husband’s Lives

This is chapter 7 below.  I'll have to go back and see what all is in previous chapters, but this one chapter is so full of information, it will take awhile for people to read and process it all. 

Due to copyright laws I'm afraid to post more than a few paragraphs, so please click on the link at the bottom of the post to read it in full.

IT'S AN EYE-OPENER for those still swallowing the blue pill.

Quote:Field needed to relax and save his energy as he was flying to London Heathrow on Monday night, 12 February 2018 so as to be out of the USA if the Valentine’s Day Massacre of Soros, Hillary Road Hog Thunder Thighs, the erect primate mulatoo, Kristine Marcy, Chuck the Schmuck, Carl Leaven, Nancy Facelift and Diane Whale Vagina resulted in excessive celebrating by WE THE PEOPLE who were told to expect FREEDOM at 1 hour and 28 minutes into the SOTU that had several “winks” to Abel Danger‘s international man of intrigue, Field secret agent man McConnell, AD Buckle 006, capeche? [ Q- ]

Field got an IMMEDIATE JASPAR on his Clipper Squirt Gun and it was a forward of a message posted by an anon: The Patriots behind Q: a brief history of how our Generals risked their lives to save the Republic under the traitor Obama. [not sure Barry Soetoro is a traitor since he never took his oath]

“Jerome Corsi has stated that, during the Obama administration, he became aware of a group within the military that was considering an overthrow of Barack Obama for treason. Ultimately, they decided to wait until the election to make their move. Who are these patriots, and why did they decide things were so bad they were willing to risk being hung as traitors? Well one of them was a Marine fighter pilot who had the dirt on Kristine Marcy and had been “keeping an eye on her” since 14 February, 1967. And this friendly stranger in the black sedan is the person behind Operation TUNA MELT which will end the KRISTINE MARCY GYNOCRACY that was established in 1979 under orders of the darkish brother to BILLY BEER.


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