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fighting in cockpit
Yes Really, it would appear the Male Co-Pilot has issues with his Female Pilot. 
Quote:Jet grounds two senior pilots for fighting in cockpit of London-Mumbai flight
Wait till you read this,,,, the Co-Pilot  should also face Assault Charges.

Quote:NEW DELHI: Jet Airways has grounded two of its senior commanders for fighting inside the cockpit of a London-Mumbai flight on January 1.
The commander flying as co-pilot allegedly slapped the lady commander mid-flight after which she left the cockpit in tears.

After great persuation, the lady pilot went back to the cockpit but reportedly came out in a huff shortly afterwards. This time, a frightened cabin crew, fearing for everyone's safety, requested her to go back to the controls and operate the flight to its destination. Luckily, the plane landed safely.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has suspended the licence of the male co-pilot and ordered a probe into the entire episode.
That's the short version, read the next part.

Quote:Both the pilots of this flight were commanders and the lady was captaining 9W 119 while the other was the co-pilot for this sector.

"Shortly after the plane took off, the two pilots had a fight. The co-pilot slapped the lady commander and she left the cockpit in tears. She stood in the galley sobbing. The cabin crew tried to comfort her and send her back to the cockpit, but in vain. The co-pilot also kept buzzing (calling from the intercom in the cockpit) the crew, asking them to send the second pilot back," said sources.

When the cabin crew could not do so, the co-pilot reportedly came out of the cockpit — leaving the cockpit unmanned in gross violation of safety rules — and persuaded the commander to return with him to the controls.

"However, they had a fight for the second time following which she came out again. This time, the cabin crew was quite afraid of the fight happening in the cockpit. They requested her to go to the cockpit and fly the plane safely to its destination," said sources. Realising the fear factor among everyone, she returned to the cockpit and the plane landed safely in Mumbai just after midnight of January 1-2.
NO-ONE was looking out the window or watching the radar or other functions???? For How Long!!!????  tinywhat
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
And my husband wonders why I am afraid to fly?

I'll just add this to the long list.

I agree, the co-pilot certainly should face charges!
I handled it differently: Had a total jerk, who was a terrible pilot and no matter how well someone performed their job he always had a negative word to say.. I asked him if he treated everyone that way or was it personal?

I do not remember his reply but I do remember mine... I told him I was military and had been intimidated by the best and he was no where close with his pitiful attempts to intimidate me and furthermore..... the way I see it you can either shut your mouth, or.... when we land we can go to the chief pilots office or.... when we get off the aircraft I will beat your ass !

He shut up... I found out later that one more report from a crew member about his shitty attitude he would be terminated.  He ended up being extremely nice to me there after...and yes I would have ripped his head off and spit down his neck hole after I pissed on his head...hahahahhaha..

P.S the chief pilot was X Navy and a very good tennis, golf, bud of mine...! He was the one who told me the guy was one step away from termination..
(01-05-2018, 01:23 AM)Chiefsmom Wrote: And my husband wonders why I am afraid to fly?

I'll just add this to the long list.

DITTO!     minusculeknocks
(01-05-2018, 01:41 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote:
(01-05-2018, 01:23 AM)Chiefsmom Wrote: And my husband wonders why I am afraid to fly?

I'll just add this to the long list.

DITTO!     minusculeknocks

The most dangerous thing about flying is the drive to the airport.. Even with all the stuff going on with the Air India 777 notice the aircraft landed safely. Last year there were no US flag carriers crashing.. Can't say that for some of the world's airlines..

Someone once asked me if it bothered me to have all those passengers on board one of my aircraft..? I asked why ???

Lives, souls, etc etc was their reply...

MY FLIPPENT ANSWER WAS: "I always figured if I made it to destination the passengers would too.. If something happened and none of us made it...then it would be someone else's problem, so why worry?"

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