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Trump’s 2017 Year In Review
I'm a few days late in getting this out, but that's because I just now found this video.  It has been censored by You Tube, as you will see when you start to watch. Just click on the proceed button and watch it.
I've watched the whole thing, and there is nothing there for why it should be censored... other than it's discussing all the great accomplishments of Donald Trump.  So, let's spread this video on all the social media platforms and get this out to the public.

Michael Trimm does a fantastic job showing all the accomplishments President Trump has done during his first year in office, and where his plans for the future will take us.

Want to go to Mars in the next few years?  Want to have some of Tesla's technology given to us?  It appears it's going to happen.
We might be riding around in our "Jetson's cars" before long, or using replicators to make our food.
That's great news because I don't like to cook.   tinybiggrin 

Michael did a wonderful job, which he said took him weeks and weeks to put together for us, so PLEASE go to the link at the bottom of the video and give him a thumbs up and subscribe to his channel, and send him a donation  if you can. Then, share, share, share!
Yes, very good video.
I did leave him a Thumbs-Up and Comment.
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