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FBI agent Aaron Rouse in Vegas is son in law of John Podesta
So what do people make of this, is it BS or true, or part true.

                        Well America if you do a Google search of John Podesta's daughter...She is the wife of lead FBI investigator in the Mandalay Bay shooting Aaron Rouse. So now basically the Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting smells a little worse, and now has an all out Hillary Clinton connection. So what we have here is a country concert that was mainly Trump supporters where 59 died having a Clinton campaign connection, due to FBI agent in charge Aaron Rouse being the son in law of John Podesta who is the husband of John Podesta's daughter Megan. 

                        No way you can deny on why there is a major cover up of the Las Vegas massacre at Mandalay Bay and why it being a country music concert was targeted, because the shooting actually now involves the finger prints of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Should we now find it obvious why the Las Vegas shooting investigation is so messed up and going nowhere...Especially since Mandalay Bay has thousands of security cameras? The Las Vegas shooting may be darker than we have thought! Did the Hillary Campaign basically go off in a rage and kill Americans that were attended mainly by Trump supporters?
Yes, I saw something about that last night.  Meant to add it to Duckypoo's thread, but forgot.   tinycrying 

This whole investigation is so messed up, it may take us (the public investigators) months to dig down to the real truth. I certainly don't trust the MSM, FBI, or even the local sheriff to report the truth. 

A Hillary connection?  Yes, I can definitely see that as being true!   minusculeredtantrum 

(Since you don't want your threads shared, do you mind adding this to Duckforcover's thread, or allowing me to? This needs to be seen by the public.)


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