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Stealth: Last Mage Of Krypton #1
Please note this a Fanfiction
The DC universe and its properties are owned by the people that own it
The main character and associated ones are my creation

"Kayla.. You are such a dork," Another female dressed in all black spoke..

"Simone.. Goddess bless.." Kayla sits down her book, "I have to stop by the store on the way home.. I am out of Black nail polish.. Dont tell my step father.. "

"Because your wasting money on the goth thing?"

"No.." Kayla snorts, "Because I should have planned better.. Ordered it off of Amazon.. " Rolling her eyes, "Little one proper pre planning prevents piss poor performance.."

Simone hits Kayla in the arm, "At least your dad is cool.. Step dad.. Since your mother died he.."

"No.. Simone.. You are way to young.. Do not hit on my step father again," Kayla narrows her eyes.. "If you want to stay the night no more teddy's.."

"Great their is that jerk," Simone shakes her head as she looks at a kid in a letterman's jacket.. "They are picking on Tommy again.. Brad better be carefull.. Tommy might snap and go all columbine on him.. A big hero boy outside his weight class. "

"Tommy is in 'LOVE' with Brad's gir..." Kayla stops her friend,"Something is off here.." Kayla looks at the yellow ring glowing on Brad's hand, "We need to leave NOW!"

Tommy is shoved back by Brad ten feet, "She is my girlfrined.. You are no hero.."

A teenage girl wearing shades and a hoodie steps forward, "Brad.. He is not.."

A yellow blast knocks the girl down.. As her glasses go flying, a bruise is apparent over her eyes..

A second blast goes to hit her again but it is stopped by a green wall..

Brad's clothes change in a yellow version of the source of the green Energy, "You must be the two newbies the ring gave me the 411 on.." Brad blocks a second green blast, "His little whore.."

Brad easily begins fighting the two of them..

"The green lanterns," Kayla takes a deep breath..

Simone swallows hard as the female GL is knocked out cold.. "Brad.. He.. He is a yellow lantern???"

A flash moves past them.. a few seconds later the flash goes flying back as yellow like electricty comes flying off him..

"Do you really thing I am a moron," Brad laughs evilly.. His friends have taken cover, "Run cowards.. So where are you?"

"I," the other green lantern falls to the ground coughs as she seems to be suffocating..

Brad's eyes glow yellow as a sheild blocks red beams aiming for him.. 

Kayla sees Superman and the other members of the Justice League Engaging Brad, "Superman.. "

"Kayla.. We.. We are in danger.." Simone pulls on Kayla's sleeve, "Is Tommy really tring to save Tina.. He.. She has treated him like S#$% for years.."

"God D@#$ it Tommy," Kayla watches as Batman goes flying from a blast.. 

"Is this the really best you got," Brad rises in the air? Brad's yellow constructs cut batman out of his costume leaving only his mask.. "You think I give two s#$%s.."

Wonder woman tries to pound on the yellow shield as Superman continues to try and hit Brad..

"Hardball huh," Brad laughs as he sends out two flying worms into the down Green Lanterns.. "Hard ball it is.."

Brad drops the shield throwing Wonder Woman in to the air upside down..

Aquaman and superman are stopped by green shields..

"Zombiefied Lanterns," Brad laughs as the two uncouncious green lanterns are assualting the other three.. "Tommy.. Tommy.. That is pathetic.. Tina is mine.."

Tommy gets blasted as he tries to jump out of the way..

"Stay down dog.. As soon as I am done with these ," Wonder Woman throws something at Brad stopping him from talking.

Brad proceeds to laugh, "Ok.. Supes.." Brad smiles as red light surrounds superman, "Create his weakness GL.."

Kayla swallows hard as Tommy tries to get back up.. Falling down he grabs Tina's arm and tries to drag her away..

Brad is slowly defeat each of the members of the Justice League one by one..

Simone reaches out from where they are hiding and helps drag Tina..

Shaking her head, "Idiot.." Kayla grabs Tommy and drags him, "Quit trying to be a hero.."

Wonder Woman goes down with a thud as her sword goes through her gut..

"I got an idea.. Batman is down.. The others have no clue how to defeat Brad.. Their is only one way.." Tommy stands up, "Kayle.. If this fails.. Let ..Tell her I love her.. I know she doesnt love me.."

Kayla grabs Tommy,"You.." Tommy turns as Superman is out cold, "Are going to be stupid.. Listen to me.." Kayla looks at Tommy as, "This.. Your destiny calls?" Kayla looks out to where no one is.. "That.." Kayla swallows hard, "If you fail you die.. Do you love her.."

Tommy looks At Kayla, "I.. You.. I love her.. "

"Oh Tommy Boy," Brad calls out ..

Aquaman is trying to fight off the two mind control GL..

Kayla whispers something no one hears..

Tommy looks at her, "Kayla?"

"An ancient blessing.. Very ancient.. May the intelligence of thoth bless you Tommy Morris of earth.." Kayla swallowed hard as she hugged Tommy, "Go.. Face him.. I believe in you.."

Swallowing hard, "It is going to take more then magic.. You were always nice ky.."

Brad stops when his ring speaks, "Magical energy detected.."

"Hey," Tommy limps out.. "Are you gonna hit me or are you playing around? "

Brad stops and laughs, "You really think you .."

"You have to have a power ring thingie to beat me." Tommy swallows hard. "Figures.. You have to cheat to win. You stole my speculations to beat the justice league..." Tommy laughs as brad floats down, "It always about power.. You do not even know what that ring can do.."

"I do not need this ring to kill you.." Brad laughs at the limping Tommy, "I have beaten the Justice League.."

Stealth moves her hands as she whispers in in Kryptonian, "Rao.. Light his path to victory as you shine down on us all.."

Simone is checking on Tina, "She.. Ok she is breathing.."

Brad draws back his non ring fist... "Any last words loser," Brad leans forward as he laughs..

A light hits Brad in the face making him squint for half a second.. 

At that second Tommy grabs the ring hand covering it with his hand..

Brad yells as he tries to yank his hand away, "You.. What.."

The Two green lanterns shake their heads as yellow energy leaves their ears..

"You.. You are a coward.. You no nothing but fear," Brad cant seem to take Tommy's hand off the ring.. "How.. That.."

"You know NOTHING of fear brad.." Tommy's eyes also glow yellow, "You have always been the top dog.."

Tommy's voice takes on a deep laughter with a tinge of dark resonance..

The Justice league slowly starts to come around as the two green lanterns are now just watching..

"You see Brad.. I know my lantern history.. Guy gardner gave an interview years ago describing him fighting a ghost for oddly enough a yellow ring.." Brad hits Tommy and nothing happens...

"You will not take my ring," Brad growls..

The Green Lantern shouts, "Wait.. Give the kid a chance.."

The Justice League stops for a second..

"Brad.. This is my ring," Tommy's voice echos..

After a few seconds neither teenager is moving..

A nude batman with just a mask, Kneels as he grabs his crushed suit.. "Baz.. Jessica.."

Jessica reaches over with her ring and starts fixing part of batman's suit, "The two of them are in mental combat for the ring.. "

Kayla swallows hard as she steps forward, "Superman.. He is a big fan of yours.. Look at his shirt.."

Superman sees the red S and looks at Kayla, "What is his story.."

"Everyone picks on him.. " Simone stands up with tina, "This is Tina.. She is brad's girlfriend.. "

Kayla speaks loudly, "His dream car is a 1969 spider.."

The two Green lanterns stop as Brad's face gets a grin..

"Tommy's eye just blackened.. This is not good, "The GL Baz takes a deep breath.. "He is losing.."

Blood comes from Brad's nose as Tommy's other eye blackens..

"Wait," Superman takes a deep breath as he lands next to Tommy.. Wonder Woman stops.. "Tommy.. I have faced the ring.. My father always said.."

Tommy goes to his knees as Brad laughs, "I have won.."

But Brad can not get Tommy's hand off, Even as he kicks him.. 

"I won.. Let go," Brad yells as he kicks Tommy..

Batman with a partially repaired costume looks at Tina and thinks for a minute..

Wonder Woman has her sword out, "If his hand leaves the ring.."

Batman walks over calmly.. He puts his hand on Wonder Woman's shoulder, "One second.."

Batman leans in and whispers to Tommy..

"Please Tina is a Slut and she would never go," Brad goes quiet as he is drawn back into the mental mind scape..

"What did you say," Jessica looks at Batman..

A scream comes from Tommy, The yellow ring transfers to Tommy's hand, as Brad goes flying into the air..  Jessica flies off to capture Brad..

Superman looks at Batman and shakes his head, "Your gonna give him a 1969 spider.. "

"What.." Batman smiles, "It worked didnt it.."

Tommy floats over to Tina, "High Tina.." When he lands on the ground his feet falls to his knees, "I.. I won.."

Tina catches Tommy as he passed out..

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