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Could the Iraq StarGate Be the Key to 911 and Bush?
This article came from a report on CNN, so even though you may have to open your mind a bit, maybe the fact that MSM is reporting it will help you to at least consider it.

Is this the beginning of "disclosure" for all to see?

Read it in it's entirety, then let us know your thoughts.  It's like a history lesson on what was REALLY going on behind the cover ups. 

A link will be provided at the bottom of the post to the full article. 

Iraq StarGate 

[Image: 90158300dc65f669jpg-1940214_p9.jpg]

Quote:Back in the 1920s the Iraq StarGate was uncovered in Baghdad. This StarGate was surrounded by the “Green Zone” during the Iraqi War and was the whole purpose for the war. Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD’s) were an excuse. Having control of the StarGate was the goal of the Bush Administration as well as Nazi Germany. This was a repeat of when Hitler and Nazi Germany went to Iraq to fight against the British as both wanted control of the Iraq StarGate. Führer Directive No. 30 dealt with German intervention in support of Arab Nationalists in the Kingdom of Iraq. During the 1930s, representatives of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy attempted to gain favor with various Iraqi nationalists and promised support against the British. On 2 May 1941, after tensions mounted on both sides, the British launched pre-emptive land strikes against Iraqi forces and the Anglo-Iraqi War began. Rashid Ali immediately requested that the Germans make good on the earlier promises of assistance. The International Zone (formerly known as the Green Zone) is the heavily guarded diplomatic/government area of closed-off streets in central Baghdad where US occupation authorities live and work. The Green Zone in the central city includes the main palaces of former President Saddam Hussein where the StarGate is located in the basement of the main palace. The area houses the civilian ruling authority run by the Americans and British and the offices of major US consulting companies. Prescott Bush had furnished weapons to Nazi Germany to arm them for World War II.

Rockefellers Chase Bank and Prescott Bush Fund Secret Space Program 

Quote:According to research carried out over the last few years, Wall Street bankers (amongst others) financed Hitler’s rise to power whilst making large profits at the same time. U.S. economist Victor Thorn has noted that although a large number of other corporations aided the Nazis (such as Standard Oil and Rockefeller’s Chase Bank, as well as U.S. automobile manufacturers) Prescott Bush’s interests were much more profound and sinister. In their book, Tarpley and Chaitkin explain that in this way a significant part of the Bush family’s financial base is related to supporting and aiding Adolph Hitler. Therefore, the U.S. president number 43, just like his father number 41 (former CIA director, vice president and president) reached the peak of the U.S. political hierarchy thanks to his great-grandfather and grandfather and generally his entire family, who financially aided and encouraged the Nazis.

These are just the first two sub-topics of many to follow.   Please click HERE

There are others who claim this stargate in Iraq to be real and the reason that 9-11 happened.  It gave Pres. Bush a reason to go to war with the American public backing his decision.

Not only did Corey Goode come forward with this information, but another secret space program whistleblower, Henry Deacon (aka Arthur Neumann), came forward. He also claimed that this is the navigation method used for portal travel. 

Quote:Deacon began publicly disclosing his information regarding portals/stargates back in a 2006 interview on Project Camelot.

Goode said that these ancient portals have been found all over the world, and these are highly sought after by covert teams from the U.S. and other countries. 

Another whistleblower, Dan Burisch, claims that he was part of a covert team that went into Iraq to find its portal technologies. Indeed, Deacon independently confirmed that a stargate had been discovered in Iraq. There was much circumstantial evidence supporting Burisch’s and Deacon’s claim that the real reason for the U.S. invasion of Iraq was to find ancient portal technologies, as I proposed back in 2003.

Goode also said a lot of truth was shown regarding stargates in the Stargate SG-1 television series.  


This is an example of how they make movies to discredit the truth. After all, who would think they actually have stargates after seeing a fictional movie about a stargate. 

Now have any of the whistleblowers come forward with information on what the stargate actually does? Now I know what it does in the movie, but why would I take the discrediting information at face value? 

Do the whistleblowers of this ancient technology actually give any insight as to what the stargates actually do?
Quote:Do the whistleblowers of this ancient technology actually give any insight as to what the stargates actually do?

Yes, Corey Goode went into detail about how they operate during a couple of shows on Cosmic Disclosure. 

I'm not that familiar with the others to know if they described anything, or not.
Bumping for discussion.

What is the latest news about the Iraq Stargate?

There really isn't much to report as new I guess.
I did find this.
Quote:[/url][url=]The Real Reason For the Iraq War? Saddam Hussein ‘Had Stargate Portal to Alien World’
AUGUST 11, 2019

And it mentions Dr. Michael E. Salla and I for one do not follow him.
But here it is.
Source for Stargate
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
Darn it! I spent LOTS of quality time in Iraq but I never knew about this. 

Maybe it could have transported me someplace not 125 degrees out  tinylaughing

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