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Novichok V Monkeypox - Wallfire - 10-08-2018

So we all remember novichok, parks been closed , shops closed , army driving round in big trucks, lots of army digging up foot paths in hazmat suits, police guarding rubbish bins, police cars been buried in land fills, HQ video, and the want to start WW3 with Russia.

Monkeypox, sick person from Nigeria brings it to England, gets treated in hospital, hospital do not take the right precautions, health worker who was treating him gets sick, has to go to her GP ( not treated by doctors at the hospital) GP does nothing. Only 2 weeks later do they think it might be a good thing to disinfect the home and the GPs surgery. No talk about starting WW3 with Nigeria, no HQ video, no army, no closing parks ect.

What you see here is that novichok was directed and planed saga, and the monkeypox is what happens in real life. 

I think the person who directed the novichok saga should do the next 007


RE: Novichok V Monkeypox - BIAD - 10-08-2018

I'll guess that the 'Lessons-Will-Be-Learned'-script will be brought out, along with the unsaid
"Oh yeah, but this was from Africa where the poor black people live. But Putin is Evil, so it's