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The Highest Paid Drug Pilot in History
Roger Reaves is a former pilot and drug smuggler who employed Barry Seal & ended up in prison for a total of 33 years in 26 different prisons, escaped half-dozen times, one was an "inescapable" German prison, in 7 different countries spanning 4 continents. Spent 18 yrs in the most secure prison in southern hemisphere in the land down under. His friends and associates spanned the globe. From Medellin Cartel kingpins Jorge Ochoa and Pablo Escobar; to "Mr Nice" Howard Marks and the infamous Barry Seal who was Rogers close friend and employee. In his early 30’s he was making over $1 million a day flying back and forth to Colombia and he eventually hired Barry Seal, and Roger gives vivid details to their relationship up to the very end of Barry’s life. He knew Barry well and he knew Barry's assassin. Roger escaped from prison on five separate occasions; was shot down in both Mexico and Colombia; and tortured almost to death in a Mexican prison. How this guy is still alive is a great mystery. His wife waited for him, he got his pilot's license back and he's been a free man the past year. Freakin livin legend!!

0:00 - Introduction
3:49 - Money
6:10 - Pablo Escobar
13:22 - Jorge Ochoa
20:58 - First time
25:44 - Landing an airplane on the highway
28:34 - Barry Seal
38:58 - Mena, Arkansas
43:50 - Assassination of Barry Seal
57:03 - American Made
1:01:14 - Blow
1:03:21 - Story of torture in a Mexican prison
1:08:01 - Getting shot down
1:21:44 - Prison
1:35:26 - Reflections on a life of crime
1:40:44 - Advice for young people
1:43:42 - Love
1:57:02 - Death
1:59:48 - Meaning of life
2:03:51 - Poem

His book Smuggler
"The underlying aim was not to win the war but to use the conflict to create a constant state of destabilized perception in order to manage and control." ― Vladislav Yuryevich Surkov

JFK to 9/11: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick

"The New World fell not to a sword but to a meme." – Daniel Quinn


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