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Russian Checkmate fighter
If they can hold the price down to the advertised 25 million versus the 100+ million F-35 then IMO they will have a winner.

I'm waiting for someone to produce an unmanned fighter that can flat outmaneuver anything carrying a human.

Some of the Soviet aviation was very good and surprised our people when they got to test fly the aircraft in Nevada.

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I am a Sukhoi geek. All the models look really cool to me. 

No clue on the performance or cost. I just want one  tinybiggrin
Sukhoi appear to have come a long way since the Frogfoot.

Russians are masters at generating weapons on a relatively low budget. That's how they got over 50 million AK's distributed around the world. I can recall a time when you could buy AK's all day long at 250 bucks a copy directly from Izhevsk, compared to getting US M4's at 1500 dollars a copy. I don't think they'll have a lot of trouble at staying on budget for this platform.

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