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AOC has covid after spending time in Florida
Fully vaccinated AND  a booster, Representative Ocasio-Cortez has covid after spending time in Florida

Quote:Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she has caught COVID - days after she was snapped partying maskless at a Miami drag brunch. 

The Bronx Representative, 32, made the announcement on her official Twitter page Sunday night, sharing a statement on House of Representatives headed paper which said:

'Representative Ocasio-Cortez has received a positive test result for COVID-19.

'She is experiencing symptoms and is recovering at home. The Congresswoman received her booster shot this Fall, and encourages everyone to get their booster and follow all CDC guidance.'


One can only imagine the numerous people she was around during her stay there, and wonder if they need to be tested as well.

I think I would stop announcing about being fully vaxxed with a booster.
It only shows that the jabs are not working and it can no longer be called the pandemic of the unvaxxed.
Because it is not.

Everyone is getting it now, regardless.

We just got to ride it out until it fizzles, until the next wave.

a.k.a. 'snarky412'

If I were a mean person I would say her getting C-19 warms my heart and I will not shed a tear if the little communist suffers. But since I am a nice guy I will refrain from commenting.
Another example of how a disease became politicised and those who supported it couldn't stay the course!

Just like these two idiots! 

Quote:Boris Johnson and Carrie Johnson attended 'bring your own booze' event in No 10 garden during
first coronavirus lockdown

'The prime minister and his wife Carrie were among around 40 people to attend a drinks event in the Downing Street
garden during the UK's first national COVID lockdown, Sky News understands.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=10601]
BoJo and Princess Nut-Nut.

In what has been revealed to have been a "bring your own booze" event on 20 May 2020, a Downing Street figure said
both Mr Johnson and his then fiancee were present. A Whitehall investigation is already underway into multiple allegations
of coronavirus rule-breaking in both Number 10 and other government buildings, which was prompted by initial claims of
Christmas parties in Downing Street in 2020.

The inquiry has since been widened to include two alleged events on 15 and 20 May, the latter of which was initially
revealed by Dominic Cummings - the prime minister's estranged former chief adviser.

A leaked email has now emerged from Martin Reynolds - a key aide to Boris Johnson - inviting staff to "make the most
of the lovely weather" with "some socially distanced drinks".According to ITV News, who obtained the email, Mr Reynolds'
message on 20 May was sent to more than 100 employees in Number 10, including the prime minister's advisers,
speechwriters and door staff.

The around 40 attendees are reported to have gathered in the garden that evening to eat picnic food and drink.
At the time, Britons had only recently been allowed to meet with one person from another household outside as
long as they remained two metres apart. Mixing with multiple households was still banned.

The leaked email states: "Hi all,
"After what has been an incredibly busy period we thought it would be nice to make the most of this
lovely weather and have some socially distanced drinks in the No10 garden this evening.
"Please join us from 6pm and bring your own booze!

Doubts had already been cast over Mr Reynolds' position in Number 10 following the initial claims of an event on 20 May.
Weekend newspaper reports claiming Mr Reynolds, the prime minister's principal private secretary, was being lined up as
a "fall guy" amid the row over Downing Street parties.

A senior government source told Sky News: "Reynolds job was to protect staff who were looking to him to lead them through
something nobody had ever done before, this is just a perfect example of how he failed at it. "The public are right to be outraged
at the one rule for them one rule for us, some people in Number 10 felt uncomfortable about it at the time, but the truth is nobody
ever got to grips with working in Number 10 while the rest of the country were made to work from home.

"Reynolds didn't protect people from the spread of COVID in the building and he and others didn't think through the consequences
of those actions. "He was in charge of it all, he has to be held accountable for it...'
Sky News:

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
"They watch from behind complacent smiles whilst polishing their cutlery. Yet, with egg between the prongs"
It's the forth booster is what she really needs. 

Must have been the climate change which reduced the efficacy of the vaccine. And Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz gave her covid.
Typical Elites @BIAD , with the 'do as I say, not as I do' mentality.

I still cannot believe some people just cannot see through their BS hypocrisy  tinysure

a.k.a. 'snarky412'

Maybe she could have a lizfest with Nancy and the rest of the squad

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