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5 Killed, 40 Injured in Waukesha, WI
(11-23-2021, 08:49 PM)PLOTUS Wrote: I imagine some of you have been wondering of my absence.......... would you believe.......Seven years in Tibet............mmmI didn't think so..

How about witness protection program.......... mmm no ? ....... ok how about my oft'times Time-warps from the Maderna vaccine. That's the most likely.

Truth is, it was more of a sabatical from life, even got banned on Breitbart..... amazing huh...! I recently went to a gathering and visited with Gordon Getty and his new Opera Mr. Chips opening party. Newsome and Nancy were there, and me fresh out of rotten tomatoes. for N&N... The hor d'oeuuvres and apatizers were great.... Gordon was genius amid so many 'creeps' though. And as of late I sadly have had three deaths in the family, one quite violent, one wreak and one natural. It has given me pause here in life. and I have hidden away. And for lesser reasions I have failed to appear at RN3 for a few months....Just another Twilight Zone victim in the making I guess.

I supose some of you might suspect a little poetic license here, but it really did happen that way.

Very sorry to hear about your family members. That is a real blow. Prayers for strength going out. I am glad to see you back here on RN3 though.

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