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old software kept alive
So this is kind of interesting:

Turbo Assembler by Borland.  Now open source apparently, and kept alive in the 64-bit environment by programmers from India.  Yeah, one has to use DosBox to host it, but still.

The Windows security model has really locked down on using assembly language to program with as it allows the programmer to perform such basic operations that the OS' security protocols can be bypassed. I wonder how Win10 would react to a program assembled with this software -- maybe running the DosBox, not at all.

Makes sense.  India is kind of a "field expedient" country.  When the people don't have something, they find a substitute or a way to do things that functions in India.

Next step up is Indian programmers giving us a free OS that runs older Windows software so we don't have to toss old versions of Excel etc. just because Mickeysoft upgraded to Win 11.

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