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The Storm
The storm had appeared out of nowhere and was unlike any that had happened before. There was lightning but no thunder. None that you could hear anyway. It could be felt though, coursing through the body like the vibration of a train rumbling down the tracks.

The woman and her two dogs were headed to the local veterinarian. She had become when they had started acting unusual. Always docile, the two had begun growling and attacking one another. They had also begun to squeeze themselves into tiny spaces and not come out when prompted. 

The strange symptoms had begun a couple days prior on a Saturday when the office was closed. Since they were eating and drinking she figured the emergency services were not needed. Then today the trembling started.

She glanced over at the two dogs. The brindle pitbull, Penny, was panting and her eyes were beginning to roll, while the malinois Bella was shaking all over while whimpering. Afraid for them the stomped the accelerator of the 1955 Ford pickup down and had reached the first red light when the storm overtook them.

The strange lightning began to strike everywhere, causing a strobe light effect across the entire town. Suddenly, the dogs began to howl as spiders started pouring out of the vents into the cab of the pickup.

She started to scream “Get them off of me!” even though she knew only the dogs could hear her.
The dogs continued howling as the wind rocked the truck like a ship in rough seas.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the storm passed by. The first thing she became aware of was Penny in her lap and stuffing from where Bella had clawed the part of the seat closest to her. As she reached for the door handle she noticed that all the spiders were gone.

“Strange” she said to the dogs, both of whom now seemed more themselves than they had in two days. Nevertheless she decided to go ahead and drive them to the vet’s office to have them checked out. As she started to pull forward she noticed all the other vehicles had remained stationary.

“Why aren’t they moving?” she thought. 

She pulled out her phone to let Doc Campbell know that she’d be late and stared at the black screen a few seconds. She tried to turn it on but nothing happened. A second look outside confirmed her fears. Just as the realization dawned that the vehicles outside were not only stalled but completely fried a man’s face and hands thanked against her window.

She recoiled in horror as she saw the blood running out of his eyes and the froth coming from his mouth. Penny and Bella were beside themselves trying to get at him. She continued to push them off as she put the pickup in reverse. She barely managed to get backed up and turned around just as a woman in a white suit with splotches of red joined the man. 

The woman’s screeches followed her as she put distance between herself and the town that seemed to be descending into the ninth circle of hell.
She raced along pushing her old pickup as fast as it would go. She wanted to get to her ranch as fast as she could, her parents were visiting and she had to make sure they were ok. She arrived to see her hired hand doctoring wounds that were bleeding profusely along the chest of her palomino gelding. She left the pickup running as she ran to help him.

As she arrived by his side he turned to look at her “Maria” he whispered as he grabbed her and hurried his face in her hair.

“Josh, where are my parents?” she asked as her panic began to rise.

She looked over at the barn to see the two getting out of their 1959 Bonneville. They clutched each other as they walked toward her. Her mother began to cry when she saw her.

“We thought “ she started and continued to cry.

Her dad stepped in and said “As the storm rolled in we decided to put the car inside the barn but it hit before we could get out to open the doors.” He paused a moment before he said “We saw you die. You were there on top of the horse you’ve been training. We both saw you get struck by lightning.

“That horse” her mother said pointing to the one Josh was putting ointment on.

Maria considered carefully before she asked “Josh, did you have any unusual visions?”

He looked at her sadly “I saw the world explode. You and everyone I care about was gone”

It clicked then. The storm had made everyone go mad by showing them their greatest fears. She didn’t mention what had happened to her because it embarrassed her a little. Her mind we immediately to trying to solve why they weren’t like the people in town. She came upon a theory.

“Josh where were you when the storm hit?”

He pointed to the old tractor still running in the field some distance away. The old tractor was somewhat of a relic with none of the new gadgets the modern ones have, not even a radio.

The storm seemed, in her mind to be something like a solar storm. Only this one not only fried electronics but people’s minds as well. The old vehicles they were in must have shielded them from the worst. She also had an idea that it wasn’t natural and who was behind it. She needed to be sure but she couldn’t let on what she did in secret. They’d already seen her death no reason to tell them that she hunted monsters in secret.

The smell of sulfur hit her nose. It was very faint, some distance away “Well, well, well, you split hoof son of a bitch, I‘m coming for you.”

She went in the house, grabbed her .38 and three bottles of whiskey. This enemy she knew could be killed but hopefully could be subdued. She ran to the truck, Penny and Bella on her heels, to the calls of “Where are you going?”

She yelled back through the rolled down window “I got a meeting with the devil!”

She rumbled on, kicking up dust, up a winding road that took her to the top of the highest hill in the area.
There he sat, on a ledge overlooking the town.

“Hello Marie” he said eyes never leaving the chaos he’d created.

“Drink with me” she said setting out two glasses and pouring whiskey in them. 

He reached out to scratch the dogs behind their ears and chucked as he took the glass and downed the amber colored liquid. “Matches your eyes” he mused then pointed at the town below “Look at them down there, trapped in their fear. Your’s though not the deaths of you loved ones but spiders? I sense guilt coming from you, I enjoy that too. Not as good as fear but nevertheless. Maybe I’ll keep you and your little farm for last.” He motioned for her to refill their glasses and she did.

They stayed that way for a long time refilling glasses and watching the townsfolk destroy the town and each other.
He broke the silence, “Why don’t you stay with me? I like having you around.”

“Nah, you like to destroy things and you stink like rotten eggs.”

He laughed again, leaving her to wonder if this was maybe a bad idea. She could out drink most anybody but as she opened the third and last bottle she had her doubts about this plan of hers.

Suddenly his head dropped. She poured another round and urged him to drink up. Finally he slumped to the side, dropping a silver disk of some kind. She pulled out her .38 and grabbed the disk just as several of his servants surrounded them. “No need for the gun ma’am. He’s been defeated...again. We’ll just get him on back now” He turned his scaly head toward her and winked “He’s gonna have one hell of a headache “ Then they all faded out, leaving her with the device.

“See ya later Ol Slew Foot” she whispered quietly.

She expected a complicated sequence that went far beyond control,alt, delete and snorted when the saw the button that was simply labeled UNDO. She looked at Penny and Bella “Well girls, should we see what this button does?”

The dogs didn’t answer but their wagging tails seemed to indicate a yes.She pressed the button and felt like her soul had been ejected from her body.

When she opened her eyes she saw the light had changed to green and the vehicles behind her were honking impatiently. She dropped the melted silver object, pet her dogs and drove on. She turned her head at a couple at the crosswalk. The woman’s white suit sparkled brightly in the sun. As the man made eye contact she saw the most stunning pair of blue eyes and smiled.

She decided to forgo the trip to Doc Campbell’s and headed straight to get ice cream for herself and the two pups.
minusculebeercheers Well done my friend !
(10-31-2021, 03:16 AM)727Sky Wrote: minusculebeercheers Well done my friend !

Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it.
(10-31-2021, 03:16 AM)727Sky Wrote: minusculebeercheers Well done my friend !

I agree  completely  minusculeclap
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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(10-31-2021, 05:20 AM)guohua Wrote:
(10-31-2021, 03:16 AM)727Sky Wrote: minusculebeercheers Well done my friend !

I agree  completely  minusculeclap

Thank you.
minusculeclap minusculeclap minusculeclap minusculebeercheers

Well done, fantastic!
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"They watch from behind complacent smiles whilst polishing their cutlery. Yet, with egg between the prongs"
Oh heck yeah!

Great stuff  tinybiggrin
(10-31-2021, 10:08 AM)BIAD Wrote: minusculeclap minusculeclap minusculeclap minusculebeercheers

Well done, fantastic!

Thank you very much. I decided to try and be creative while I was waiting for Peggy to show up again. I’m glad you enjoyed it.
(10-31-2021, 12:13 PM)ABNARTY Wrote: Oh heck yeah!

Great stuff  tinybiggrin

Thank you. I’m glad you liked it.
Nice one, Dove.

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(11-01-2021, 08:10 AM)F2d5thCav Wrote: Nice one, Dove.


Thank you

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