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A Story that changed my life
I was in the 6th grade and hated school so much I was just about ready to flunk out of school. I had a dog, Horse and many fun adventures when home on the farm as school bored me to tears.

I was lucky in that I always, and I mean always, knew what I wanted to do. I played in a band and earned enough money to take flying lessons with the financial help from Dad and soloed by age 16. My goal was to fly military or commercial. 8.5 years military flying until I hung up my guns and said no more, 8.5 years corporate pilot, and 25 years commercial for a major airline.

I am glad I got to realize my life's goals as many of my friends had no idea what they wanted to do or become, so many settled for much less than their potential and certainly not a fulfilled work life.

During the time frame I flew we actually had to fly and make approaches unlike today where the pilot is a glorified computer programmer.

Lucky, lucky, lucky, as I retired well and can live in just about any country I choose as long as there are golf courses and I do not feel like I am getting ripped off at every turn. Being ripped off is a personal peeve of mine.

Amazing how doggedness and just bold stubbornness can pay off with a bit of luck and proper education.

Speaking of education I was just about flunking in school up to the 7th grade. I hated school other than my friends it was boring and repetitively stupid in my mind. At home a dog, a horse, and a gun was all I need for happiness and excitement.

A senior Captain for American Airlines was a good friend of the family. He asked me how I was doing in school and I told him I hated school as it was so boring I wanted to just stay home.

He explained without passing school I would never be able to fly for the military or a commercial airline as no one wants a dummy working for them.. I was on the honor role from 7 thru 12 grade and that was with me playing in a rock and roll band Wednesday thru Saturday nights starting in my freshman year.

Sometimes all it takes, is to get someone's attention to turn a life around...even for a dummy like me...  But what does this have with the following video ?

Harvey a 6 grade school friend has his class room book, which was big and hid the actual book he was reading which was one of the Edgar Rice Burrows about Mars/Barsoom. I could not believe he was reading a book and told him as much for up to this point everything I had read had been nothing but school books on typical boring subjects.

Harvey just shook his head and said after reaching into his back pack, "Take this book home and just read 20 pages. If you do not like it be sure to bring it back to me tomorrow".

I finally went to bed at around 8Pm and with resignation cracked open the book. I finished the book at 03:48 !! That started me on a long quest to read everything I could get my hands on starting with the Barsoom series by Burrows as I had never realized how much fun a good book could be. So I have to add Harvey into the success of my humble life. Thanks Harvey and Captain Bill Cherry !

There were many nights I lay below the stars I asked for Barsoom to take me . I wanted one of the Barsoomian flyers and my own princess.. Needless to say I am still here on Earth !! hahaha The wants and imagination of youth was strong in that one !
I enjoyed the Lensmen series by "Doc" Smith.

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ERB wrote some awesome stuff. Loved reading it. 

I even liked the John Carter movie.

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