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Things Have Certainly Changed Rapidly
Been away from influence of almost any kind for about half a year ... just me and what I was getting paid to do.  Last time I was 'isolated', I was serving overseas and away from America for a bit more than a decade.  Took me almost a year to catch-up from that.  What I'm seeing now just looks like I'm living in the dreams of a madman.

Local businesses don't have customers inside the stores anymore.  Even the big-box retailers seem to have far fewer customers.  Wondering: did everyone reach their credit limit?  Is everyone just shopping Amazon from home (like me)?  I feel it costs too much just to drive into town to 'shop for things' that I can just as easily browse for on-line and wait a-day-or-so for delivery. Is this what the great re-set is supposed to look like?  Are we all going to become house hermits until the breeding stops.

And (my God!!) the people around here got even fatter.  I didn't see fat people where I was.  Don't have a problem with fatties, it's just that they're SO fat it's like my eyes are trying to deceive me.

Have to delete the stuff I wrote after that last period.  Better hit "post" now to see if this generates any discussion, or if I should just keep my thoughts on this subject to myself.

'Cause if they catch you in the backseat tryin'ta pick her locks
They're gonna send you home to momma in a cardboard box
You better run!!
(10-11-2021, 02:05 PM)Snarl Wrote: ...Have to delete the stuff I wrote after that last period.
Better hit "post" now to see if this generates any discussion, or if I should just keep my thoughts on this subject to myself.


Write what you wish Sir, RN is remarkably one of those rare places that allows keyboards to be used!!
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"They watch from behind complacent smiles whilst polishing their cutlery. Yet, with egg between the prongs"
Things will change ....

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Great reset / sustainable development

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Commies are in mission,  they love us so much

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People will be back in the stores soon enough! With so many delivery drivers quitting over vaxx mandates it's taking longer and longer for deliveries to arrive. What used to be delivered same or next day is now taking upwards of a week. And now (at least in the US) the postal service has announced that they will be moving much slower and deliveries will take longer and longer. In the rural areas it began a few years ago (P.O. only delivers my mom's mail 2-3 times per week out of 6 delivery days) and a lot of times packages get returned undelivered though no one even attempted to deliver them.

Soon we will have no choice but to go back to shopping in stores but the shortages have already begun in some areas. Every time we go shopping we find less and less of what is on our list and what we do find costs nearly twice as much. What we picked up this past week would have cost around $70 pre-covid instead of the $130 it cost now.

As far as "fatties" go they are indeed multiplying and I myself and edging closer and closer to joining their ranks. With most I am guessing high carb, processed comfort foods are the culprit along with inactivity. Also a lot more people are taking meds that have weight gain as a side effect, though I was ahead of the game in that aspect (have been on meds that cause weight gain since long before covid). Stress and unnatural sleep patterns play a lot into weight gain as well and I am sure many are having those issues too.

I'm sure the "fatties" will start shrinking when food shortages start really heating up but I expect the anxiety and anger levels in these people to go off the charts! Going on a diet of one's own free will makes you extremely cranky, imagine what a forced diet will do!

Just stock up while you can, sit back and watch the show. It will become extremely interesting very, very soon! 
"As an American it's your responsibility to have your own strategic duck stockpile. You can't expect the government to do it for you." - the dork I call one of my mom's other kids
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No, you're not imagining it, and yes, we are living in a madman's nightmare. Things went from zero to outrageously stupid in a very short time, so coming back to what now passes for civilization must be like landing on another planet for the first time.

The Marxists, like Jao Bai Den, are doing their damndest to destroy the nation, and as they are running at full tilt at it mostly unopposed, are doing a drastic job of it.

I've noticed store shelves here over the last month running to bare. We are also still in the throes of the Great Beer Drought of '21. Bread shelves are running lean like a winter storm is coming, but there is no snow on the horizon, so there must be another cause. That cause is delivery drivers quitting left and right over vax mandates. "Help Wanted" signs dot out landscape like mushrooms after the rain, but they are finding no takers - folks don't want to work at jobs they are not allowed to breath on. They WERE trying to  blame that on "folks sitting at home on their asses collecting pandemic money", but that ended for all on 4 September, and there has been no change, so they need to start looking for another scapegoat. That ain't it.

Vaccine "mandates" are decimating the economy. The unvaxxed who still remain so REALLY don't want to get stabbed, and if that is a requirement for work, they just won't work. Without workers, production grinds to a halt, businesses crumble for lack of a work force, and shortages start appearing because a) no one is making anything to deliver, and b) delivery drivers are people, too, and are quitting rather than bow to the Masters.

Lately, airlines have come under the vax mandate gun, and in some areas are striking to protest the vax mandates. Jacksonville airport, last I heard, was shut down over it.

Health care workers are also falling under the gun. They are being given the choice of get stabbed or walk, so quite a few appear to be walking, thinning out the ranks of health care workers available to treat illness. On top of that, there are indications that the vaccines are destroying immune systems at a steady rate of, as I recall, about 5% per month on average, although it varies by age group. What do you suppose happens when all of the health care workers left have been vaccinated, their immune systems have been destroyed by the vax, and they are then exposed to everything coming and going because they are right there where all the sick folks go to? What happens when health care workers catch everything going around, and no longer have the immune systems to defeat it?

I scoffed at all the predictions of a massive die-off over the coming winter, but I'm not so sure now. If you think it's a madman's world now, let's wait and see what's coming down the pike...

I'm stocking up on beans, rice, corn meal, flour, and coffee. To hell with a bunch of freeze dried garbage - that's all I need. I can flesh it out from the woods to make that stock stretch.

ETA: Another by-product of people not working is a rising crime rate. Folks gotta eat, and if they are not allowed to work, they'll find a way...

“The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people.”

-Aldous Huxley

-- Got mask? Just sayin'...

Fatties Ahoy!!!

Maybe they are just preparing for food shortages. Bulking up like bears in the fall. The coming apocalypse might be good for their waist lines and arteries.

I have no clue on the worker shortage. It's many places in the world so I cannot point to American unemployment as the causality. 

What's amazing me is the speed at which the whole shift is happening. I guess the NWO just got tired of waiting and pressed down on the gas. I am surprised how many Americans are just fine with the whole thing. Very concerning.
Yes, it's a shock if you have been away for awhile, but not all hope is lost. 

Depends on what part of the country you are and what kind of " guidance " they recommend. 

For the most part, those that are tired of all this is in the majority , while those bowing down get heard the most. 

They are trying, but I don't think it's working.
The Truth is Out There, Somewhere
Explanation: Fatties eh ...

Personal Disclosure: ...


Welcome back.

We've gone to Hell or somewhere close since you've been away.

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With all the vaccine mandates starting to loom and with many workers walking off the job or doing sick outs IMO it is going to get interesting between now and December...especially since Biden and crew have done everything to destroy energy independence and production. Wonder how cold it has to get before the people say "!@#$%^&*()_"  to agenda 2030 and the UN ??

California has outlawed all gas power tools and garden equipment to include generators... I guess they think earthquakes are never going to happen again ? God must have loved idiots for he made allot of them..

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