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Ambassador Bridge closed due to possible explosives
This hasn't happened since 2012 . . . 

Quote:The Detroit News Published 11:11 am ET Oct. 4th, 2021

Possibly explosive materials have been found in Windsor near the Ambassador Bridge, police said. Officials also said they have evacuated the area and shut down the bridge to all traffic.

Somehow I would think it would be explosives on our side of the border.
Windsor is on the Canadian side, isn't it?

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(10-04-2021, 08:32 PM)Ninurta Wrote: Windsor is on the Canadian side, isn't it?


Sure enough. I wonder if it came from the US and then got found later after it made it over, or if it was headed for the US side from Canada. Of course it could be some one in Canada causing trouble in Canada for some Canadian things, unrelated to the States.

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