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A True Finn: Through and Through
I saw this and I could not resist. I laughed. but was rolling by the time it got to the end.

I have four Siberian Huskies and I can assure you this is a pure Husky in spirit and character. With all the bite, drama, fuss, and temperament of our RN Finn.

Sharing so you guys can laugh with us.

Love you Finn.

They do act like you are killing them, when you try to bathe and groom them. I have a very vocal, stubborn, feisty, defiant, and lazy pack.

The Husky could easily be our RN mascot.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=8192]

Good gravy! The dramatics. 

Honestly, I would rather have the critters like that than a boring lump.

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