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Mass bird die offs !?!

(09-28-2021, 01:29 PM)727Sky Wrote:

Over Hunting!!?? Bull-Shit.
Birds normally die in Mass when Pesticides are used on Crops they normally eat.
Those Ravens were poisoned, the meat or food feed to them was purposely poisoned, if that picture is not CGI created by the Sierra Club or some other Animal Loving Group that gets their Nut-Off as a Grizzly Bear Eats their Face.

The whining and Crying for the last 30 years clearing the Amazon of the forest is pretty much a dead issue or agenda to keep pushing.
Think about it, if they have been clearing the Amazon for the last 25 or 30 years at the pace that the Climate Whiners and Tree Huggers claim, the Amazon would be Bare! JMHO
Just My Rant.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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Okay, so earlier today I tried two different times to reply to this thread. Both times as soon as I typed in the name of a certain place in Japan that was taken out by a tsunami my computer screen told me there was an error and immediately restarted my computer on its own, my reply being lost. 

I wont try to post it again but I'm fairly certain you can figure out what I am referring to and how it might be affecting wildlife. Birds are literally the canaries in the mine!
"As an American it's your responsibility to have your own strategic duck stockpile. You can't expect the government to do it for you." - the dork I call one of my mom's other kids
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