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Richard Dolan and Global revolution
interesting talk by Richard.....For me Richard is easy to listen to and even though sometimes I do not necessary agree with his conclusions he always makes me think of the possibilities. This is an unusual talk by him as he is not all into UFOs but actually about the world wide revolution which has come about since 9/11.

The talk brings up the massive expansion of power by governments, Psychological warfare thru state sponsored propaganda, and the pressure of group think or the destruction of being able to express individual thought... How all the shutdowns/lockdowns have caused the loss of economic freedom and massive wealth transfers .
Hope you enjoy

I've always liked listening to him. Good stuff. 

He brings up a good point early on about the 9/11 "truthers" movement being silenced. I would venture to add something to that observation. I agree there was/is a lot of censorship and poo-pooing of any viewpoints other than the approved narrative. 

However, things have started moving so fast, there is no time in the collective discussion to focus on any one thing anymore. We move on from one travesty to another in a week. It's like being in the ring and just getting hammered left-right-left. 

It's not so much being silenced anymore (although I do concede it is alive and well) but a lack of opportunity to analyze and debate. I was so hot over the Afghan withdrawal but we rolled on to the Haitians at the border, the umpteen zillion dollar infrastructure bill, the AZ audit results and MSM cover-up, the lockdown Nazi-ism, etc. Your everyday Normy cannot keep up or even cares to. 

Thanks for posting tinybigeyes

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