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Looks like Who..... SIRI...
This turns out to be a short bit of information that will come as news to many. Your friend, when you go frantic, can not think of who to call, or what to ask, or even just plain who to rely on. It's the one and only ....... SIRI Yes, an in the flesh person. Real life Siri that we all love to have exchanges with. Did you ever wonder Her appearance? or if she was even something more than computer generated ...?  Out of sight, out of mind.... isn't that what they say. And here we have SIRI, like none other. Really not much attention ever paid, just another utility. Now they call them Apps. I just prefer to stay courtious while remembering................. well remembering what exactly...?  SIRI's supposed to do that for me..... and like it...
Credit goes where credit is due and here we have the slightly effervescent ....... Miss SIRI

[Image: bennett.jpg]

[Image: 861944450-jpg.webp]

[Image: download-1.jpg]

[Image: download.jpg]
How many of you knew ? The real article.
I didn't know it was a real person, that is interesting.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]

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