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(06-24-2021, 08:16 PM)Minstrel Wrote: [quote pid='68436' dateline='1624555144']
[quote pid='68435' dateline='1624554363']


And they would learn that the original slave owner was black, a guy named Johnson, who started out here as an indentured servant himself. Before Johnson, all blacks in the British colonies in North America were indentured servants, bound for a specific period (usually 7 years, working to pay for their passage to America), as were many Irish and English here. Indentured servants were bound for a period and then freed, with the Master bound to provide them a set of clothes and a start in free life. Then Johnson got a bit full of himself, took one of his indentured servants to court to keep him enslaved for life, and won. That is how chattel slavery got it's beginnings in America, in the Virginia colony, in the mid to late 1600's. Long after their fabled "1619".


The Truth would Make Their Heads Explode. They couldn't handle the Truth, they have been lied to, The Movie ROOTS was not Accurate or totally Truthful.

[Image: ImmediateAccomplishedAfricanhornbill-max-1mb.gif][Image: giphy.gif]

I fear that they would simply toss the entire tale (including the lie & the truth), like a used lollipop stick, and go in search of another excuse or reason to blame someone/anyone/everyone/'thing-else for their perceived 'misery'.

Indentured servant is an important distinction. Now I don't have my early ancestors to blame like Capt William Tucker (My 11th Great Grandfather).

Quote:The first black American born into indentured servitude was owned by Captain William Tucker. Capt. Tucker was born in England and was the son of John Tucker Sr.and Alice Pelharm. Member of the VIRGINIA HOUSE of BURGESS. First arrived in Jamestown with his wife Mary Thompson around 1620. Captain of the ship "MARY and JAMES" Brought indentured servants Antonie and Isabel with him. They had a son and name him William Tucker after the Captain William Tucker Small William who was the FIRST NON-SLAVE but indentured servant born in the NEW WORLD later to become the United States.

On the other hand  . . .

Quote:Captain William Tucker concluded a peace negotiation with a Powhatan Indian village by proposing a toast with a drink laced with poison . . . 200 Powhatans died instantly and another 50 were slaughtered

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