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World's Secret Religion Revealed
Here is a great article of a breakdown of the video.  This is very helpful. Maybe this will peak peoples interest into watching it, or just the parts they find interesting. The author tells where certain topics are discussed.
Watch this GAB video. You don't need an account.
IPOT1776 (In Pursuit of Truth) has made an exquisite documentary showing us more about the Free Masons and their connections all over the world. They control most all influential and prominent black people in the music industry, spiritual organizations, and even Football. 
IPOT connects the dots to show how the Free Masons rose to power over the centuries making them the one power that controls the world to this day. 

This is the first two hour video. If you get bored at the beginning, just keep watching; it gets good.

I'll be back with part two when I find it.

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