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The Border Problem
Worth a look no matter where you live.

No matter where you live or what you have heard this is what happens when you stand back and let an invasion happen across your defined border. The Cartels, Drug runners and human smugglers are having a great money making field day while there is no end to the suffering for those who are being smuggled into the country.

A few years ago this was more or less under control as the Border Patrol was ramped up and even a wall was being built to make it harder for the smugglers to have access to smuggle their wares into the country.. Now it is mayhem regardless of what the all caring agenda driven policy making idiots in Washington are saying.
Quote:Biden Admin Cancels Military-Funded Border Wall Projects

[Image: picture-5.jpg]by Tyler Durden

Sunday, May 02, 2021 - 10:50 PM

Authored by Jack Phillips via The Epoch Times,
The Department of Defense (DOD) announced it is canceling U.S.-Mexico border wall construction efforts that were paid with funds that were initially allocated for the military.
[Image: border-wall-e1619826897597-700x420.jpg?itok=GHIG3L48]

Work is done on a new border wall being constructed in Jacumba, Calif., on Jan. 22, 2021. (Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images)
Former President Donald Trump ordered the diversion of billions of dollars in military and defense funds toward building the wall, using his emergency executive powers.
Quote:“The Department of Defense is proceeding with canceling all border barrier construction projects paid for with funds originally intended for other military missions and functions such as schools for military children, overseas military construction projects in partner nations, and the National Guard and Reserve equipment account,” said Jamal Brown, a spokesperson for the Pentagon, in a statement.
Brown said the returned funds will now be used for deferred military construction projects.
Quote:“DOD has begun taking all necessary actions to cancel border barrier projects and to coordinate with interagency partners. Today’s action reflects this Administration’s continued commitment to defending our nation and supporting our service members and their families,” he said.
The Department of Homeland Security also announced on Friday that it would take steps to address “physical dangers resulting from the previous administration’s approach to border wall construction.”
The decision is expected to draw criticism from Republicans.
GOP Congress members have previously accused President Joe Biden of illegally halting congressionally approved border wall construction projects, while the Government Accountability Office is investigating whether the administration acted illegally.
Sen. Jim Risch (R-Idaho) described Friday’s move as a national security threat.
Quote:“Having a secure, defined border is important to our national security & public health efforts. This is an ill-advised decision at best,” he wrote on Twitter.
Illegal immigration has become an issue for Biden as his administration has dealt with a surge of illegal immigrants and unaccompanied minors along the southern border. Several weeks after taking office in January, Biden signed executive orders rescinding several of Trump’s policies, including the “remain in Mexico” initiative.
Even some Democrats have faulted the president for his messaging, including Sen. Mark Kelly (D-Ariz.), who said the president has not laid out a comprehensive immigration plan so far.
“While I share President Biden’s urgency in fixing our broken immigration system, what I didn’t hear tonight was a plan to address the immediate crisis at the border,” he stated, referring to Biden’s speech to Congress on Wednesday. “And I will continue holding this administration accountable to deliver the resources and staffing necessary for a humane, orderly process.”
Can't stop drug/human trafficking. Biden needs to keep his buddies in business and pay for play money going into his pockets. I wonder if Hunter gets any free cocaine from what is smuggled in? Wonder how much his buddies get when they auction off the women/girls that make it this far?
I read that child trafficking is the biggest, most profitable business out there right now. Biden can't miss out on that!
I've heard a lot of folks talking about fixing the broken immigration system... but none have been able to tell what is "broken" about it. In order to effect a repair on anything, anything at all, one must first know what is "broken, exactly what stands in need of fixing. Until they can point to the broken part, they cannot fix it.

Now I can point to the broken parts, at least those I consider to be broken, but have no faith at all in the BidenHarris Regime to fix it. They seem to be hell bent for leather on increasing the damage caused by running it broken.

Eventually, it's going to be left to the citizens to fix the problem, because the Marxists never will. That will get pretty ugly when it gets to that point, but it's unavoidable if the citizens intend to remain citizens, and not be placed on reservations in what was once their own nation, but is no more, by invaders who eventually outnumber them. Just ask an Indian how that works.

And now we have 'em pouring in at the rate of more than a million a year, a pace that the Indians never had to contend with when it was Europeans doing the invading. I expect the Hispanics can git 'er done a lot faster than the Europeans did if they are allowed to continue their invasion unchecked.

The drugs I don't care about. None of my business how other folks choose to destroy their own lives. Ditto the human trafficking. They are obviously supplying a demand, or they would not be in business. Folks from down there are willingly selling their kids and daughters into it, or the women are voluntarily entering the situation, or the slavers would have no stock to sell. Yeah, I said it, and I'll stand by it as heartlessly as I need to. That ain't my problem to fix, it the problem of the folks supplying the demand to fix, or the folks allowing the demand to fix, but I am neither of those.

MY problem to fix is the invading forces taking over our territory, that's the one I'm willing to work on, not the side issues, and fixing THAT problem might get a little bloodier than the government Marxists would like before all is said and done. Again, just ask an Indian how that works when you are defending your home from an obvious invasion and cannot count on anyone else to do it for you.

“The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people.”

-Aldous Huxley

-- Got mask? Just sayin'...

Y'all need to stop worrying. K Dog is all over this. She got Mexico planting trees. Caso Cerrado.
California is handling the problem with housing illegals, they are thinking of taking the Farmer Land to build a Tent City for Illegals, never mind the Homeless Problem, Illegals are more important than Americans in California.

Quote:California disputes San Diego County's claim that migrant 'tent city' is coming

EXCLUSIVE: San Diego County is looking for land on which California state officials can build a purported "tent city" for migrants coming across the border on a long-term basis, according to an email seen by Fox News – but the State of California is disputing that description.

The email, sent to farmers by the County of San Diego’s Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures, says the state is looking for agricultural land for a project that would include services for migrants coming into the country.

"The Calif. Department of Food & Agriculture is working with California Office of Emergency Services on finding and renting/leasing on a long-term basis any private, fallowed ag[ricultural] land to build a tent city in the county for the immigrants coming across the border," the email, seen by Fox News, says. "The State plans to provide wrap-around services as well."

And that's not all they are going to do for illegals. Yes, Free Healthcare.
Quote:These sites will provide basic wraparound services including COVID-19 testing, medical screenings, and the coordination of transportation," the spokesperson said.

Yes, any thing for an Illegal, not for their own Homeless.
Illegals, the Future Democrat's.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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