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Colt sold to CZ
Quote:Big League Guns
Czech Gun Company CZ Acquires Colt – After Famed American Company Stopped Selling AR-15s

The company declined after it stopped making AR-15s.

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2 days ago
Feb 15, 2021
Richard Moorhead [/url]
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One of the most legendary firearms companies in American history is now a subsidiary of a Czech Republic-based corporation.
Česká Zbrojovka Group SE has acquired Colt for $220 million, acquiring a 100% holding of the American gunsmith. Colt is famed as one of the first major manufacturers of AR-15 and M-16 rifles, with the company equipping military service members in Vietnam and subsequent wars. Vietnam veterans in large part were among the first Americans to buy AR-15 rifles as civilians, having become familiar with the family of rifles in the southeast Asia conflict.
Colt had declined in prominence in the American firearms market for one primary reason- they stopped making AR-15s. Colt AR-15’s remain some of the most highly sought rifles by American gun collectors, but the company ceased manufacturing new ones for civilians in 2019, making them for law enforcement and the military only. Many had speculated that Colt made the decision in response to criticism from the gun control lobby.
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Colt still owns the specific “AR-15” designation patent, having originally purchased the rights to manufacture the rifles from Armalite. AR-15 rifles have since become America’s semiautomatic civillian rifle of choice, and are available in a wide variety of configurations.
Colt’s decision to stop producing their most popular firearms may have been immensely premature, as well. Sales of AR-style rifles have exploded in 2020 following the Chinese coronavirus epidemic, with rifles consistently sold out at major retailers and online gun stores.
CZ expects to close the deal giving it full ownership of Colt in the second quarter of 2021. The move transfers ownership of a storied American gun manufacturer- which has produced and sold guns since 1836- to a European parent company, and may even have some national security implications.
If you’re in lawful commerce of firearms, it’s probably not a good idea to allow pressure from Democrats and haters of gun rights to dictate your business strategy.
Quote:Last week, reports surfaced about White House officials meeting up with a number of gun control groups in order to plan out how to introduce anti-Second Amendment legislation.
Democrats have a solid trifecta in D.C., which theoretically puts them much closer to passing gun control legislation than in years past. 
According to the White House, President Joe Biden is “personally committed” to acting on an issue that has eluded Democrats in previous administrations. Several of the legislative items that Biden is looking to spearhead include an assault weapons ban, a high-capacity magazine ban, and universal background checks. The gun control groups who were present at this White House meeting included Brady, Giffords, Everytown for Gun Safety, and Moms Demand Action.
Thanks for posting. 

Firearms manufacturers keep getting consolidated. At least the big names. That's part of the game I guess with everything. However, when it comes to gun control, it is much easier when you are dealing with just a handful of makers to coerce. 

After everything we have witnessed in the last year or so, nothing would surprise me.
I guess now the firearm will be known as the vz. 1911.

Been a long time since the Army used those to stop hopped-up Moros.

[Image: Moros-t.png]
Image from "U.S. Army in action" series of paintings.

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Probably a sound business move to get out of the country for firearms manufacturers, given the current hysterical political climate.

“The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people.”

-Aldous Huxley

-- Got mask? Just sayin'...

CZ makes excellent handguns.  The CZ75 B is the nicest-shooting 9mm I've ever fired.
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Given how colts been doing in the recent past and that CZ is a pretty good company that has made a few good new products over the years while continuing to capitalize on their history. 

This is a good thing for colt, IMO.
The sad reality is that for the past decade, colt has just been pretty much idling along. Anything they make, for the price, can be found from other manufacturers and the same or better prices. 

If I wanted a 1911, I wouldn't buy a colt.
If I wanted a SAA, I wouldn't spend the money for a colt over cheaper/same alternatives.
If I wanted a AR15, I'd have no reason at all to look at colt. 

The only thing they've done recently that peeked my interest is the python remakes, but other than the name, it's just paying 50 percent more for a gun that isn't any better than a S&W. 

I really look forward to what CZ does with this brand.

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