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Hopeless? Government to the Rescue!
Quote:President Joe Biden again sounded a dark note on the state of the American economy after the employment numbers were released Friday.

“It’s very clear that our economy is in trouble,” he said during a speech at the White House, highlighting the difficulties for Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.

Reminds me of Obama's speech about how manufacturing jobs would never come back to the U.S., except they did... under the Trump administration. 
Don't you just love a "leader" who leaves you feeling more depressed and hopeless than you were to begin with after hearing him speak? 

That's one thing Donald Trump excelled at: Giving hope. Hope goes a long way. 

Quote:Biden spoke about the hopelessness in the country, pointing to the rise in suicides, drug overdoses, domestic violence, and mental health problems in the country.

You don't say! That's what happens after forcing people to stay home for almost a year, never seeing/touching their loved ones, and shutting down and destroying businesses! It's been mostly democrat governors keeping their states locked down. 

Quote:He proposed the government as the solution, announcing that he would move forward on his $1.9 trillion rescue package.

“A lot of folks are losing hope and I believe the American people are looking right now to their government for help,” he said.

Well, of course he proposed government as the "solution". 
People are now ready to accept the government handouts (socialism/communism) in order to put some scraps on the table and pay their rent; that is, if there's enough to do both. 
Yes, I'd say the poorest of U.S. citizens have been ready for months and months. They had to get the middle class there before they could offer help though, and make sure their businesses were too far gone to ever open back up. 

Quote:Biden indicated he was no longer interested in working with Republicans to pass a bipartisan coronavirus relief bill, noting that the negotiations would only prolong the aid that was needed immediately.

Really?  Could it be because of all the pork stuffed into the stimulus package? More money going to foreign countries than to hurting Americans? Yes, I'd say that is what has the Republicans upset. They also don't want to leave such a high tax burden on the American tax payer that falls on their children and grandchildren to pay back. 

Quote:He said that Congress would only seek $1,400 individual direct payments, despite his promise to the people in the state of Georgia that he would send out $2000 checks “immediately” if they put Democrats in control of the Senate.

Well, Joey, you've been the (fake) POTUS for almost a month.  What does "immediately" mean to you?  Another unpaid month's rent has come and gone that could possibly be putting more people out on the street. 

Now you know how it begins. Make the people beg the government for scraps; it makes utilizing socialism so much easier. Then right behind that comes Communism. They get you in a vulnerable situation where turning them down would mean your family starving. Once you're there, you're theirs; mission accomplished!   

It is clear that Biden has no "vision" other than to undo what Trump accomplished.  No plan, no way forward.

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Biden's job is to keep the unsuspecting Public on course for the NWO and maintain the new Dependency Class.

Notice everything Democrats have done since taking over is NOT in favor of the Citizens.

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"I believe the American people are looking right now to their government for help"

Yes. In the sense that they need to stay the heck out of the way. 

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