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Time.Com Tells You How The Election Steal Succeeded. The True Conspiracy.
As Stormy dodges beer bottles hurled at her strip-tease cage and hopes gravity leaves her alone for
another year, the FEC calls off their inquiry whether Donald Trump's yeti-pubes violated any campaign
financial laws.

With the election results massaged and Biden acquiring more votes than Obama and Trump, the cords
of the Great Steal are being slowly cut away.

Quote:Stormy Daniels: US election officials drop Trump hush money probe

[Image: attachment.php?aid=9345]
Don't do it Stormy.. it's only a microphone

'The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has dropped an inquiry into whether Donald Trump violated
campaign financial law during the 2016 election. The case stemmed from an allegation Mr Trump directed
his former lawyer to pay an adult film actress to stop her speaking out about an alleged affair.

The lawyer, Michael Cohen, was later jailed on multiple charges.

The FEC, the regulatory agency tasked with enforcing campaign finance law, announced the case closure
Thursday. It came after the commission, split evenly between Democrats and Republicans, became deadlocked
2-2 on taking action at a closed-door meeting in February.

The vote came months after an internal report recommended that there was "reason to believe" Mr Trump's
campaign had knowingly violated campaign finance law. Two Republicans who voted to dismiss the case
said they had concluded it would not be "the best use of agency resources" while two Democrat-aligned
commissioners criticised their decision.

"To conclude that a payment, made 13 days before Election Day to hush up a suddenly newsworthy 10-year-old
story, was not campaign-related, without so much as conducting an investigation, defies reality," they wrote in a

Cohen previously testified under oath that Mr Trump had directed him to make the payment of $130,000 (£100,000)
just days before the election. Mr Trump has acknowledged reimbursing the payment but denied the affair and any
wrongdoing regarding campaign laws.

"The hush money payment was done at the direction of and for the benefit of Donald J. Trump," Cohen said in a
statement to The New York Times, responding to the case dismissal.
"Like me, Trump should have been found guilty. How the FEC committee could rule any other way is confounding."

In statement issued through his website, Mr Trump thanked the commission for dropping what he described as a
"phony case against me...built on lies from Michael Cohen, a corrupt and convicted lawyer"

Cohen, who once said he would take a bullet for Mr Trump, was given a three-year prison sentence after pleading
guilty to multiple offences in 2018, including violating campaign finance laws and lying to Congress.
Legal wrangling over the allegations involving Ms Daniels, who alleges she had sex with Mr Trump in 2006, were
ongoing throughout the Trump presidency...'
Archived BBC Article:

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"They watch from behind complacent smiles whilst polishing their cutlery. Yet, with egg between the prongs"
Quote:WATCH! BREAKING EXCLUSIVE! Arizona Audit Director Reveals Something HUGE: Dominion Refuses To Comply With Subpoena And Turn Over Password To Their Maricopa County Machines

They are refusing to hand over the password, even with a court subpoena. If they had nothing to hide, why are they fighting so hard to hide the truth? If they did nothing wrong, let the country see and we'll go on with our lives. 

Quote:Arizona Audit Director Ken Bennett joined One America News to talk about the latest developments in the Maricopa County forensic audit.

Maricopa County Election team claims they do not have “Admin” access to their voting machines.
This clearly proves that the County did not own the election process, but they ceded it to their external vendor.

Yesterday, we reported on this huge news from Arizona. In case you’ve missed it, check out below:
HUGE NEWS FROM ARIZONA! — BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: The Entire Election Process Was Controlled By Dominion — The Maricopa County Election Team Did Not Have ‘Admin’ Access To The 2020 Election

During his interview with OAN, Ken Bennett said Dominion is refusing to comply with the State Senate’s subpoena and is hiding the second password for their machines.
Dominion was in charge of the Maricopa County election.
And now they are refusing to cooperate with a subpoena.

Watch the video here:  Source/Video
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