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The Duckling
Well, it's been a couple of interesting weeks! Little man hit the 2 week mark today and quickly taught dad that "it's not like riding a bike". (Note, my daughter is 8 - will be 9 in February so it's been awhile!). 

Granted: holding, bathing, feeding, burping, and ignoring the crying came back like a pro. No issues there. But he was a nocturnal spirit animal of some ferocious type in his last go around, and he's turning his first shift dad into an extra from the walking dead.

Here he is just a short time ago ready to go help me on the smoker for the next 17 hours:

[Image: 20201016-200948.jpg]

WAIT - this is about the boy. Sorry!  minusculebeercheers

When mom is resting at night we have fashion shows, I break out all the clothes that caused me to get the stink eye from some of the more fashionable people in the household:

[Image: 20201004-025130.jpg]

[Image: FB-IMG-1602905613721.jpg]

We watch movies together every night. I took two weeks of vacation from work and me and Ducky Jr. Watched 22 movies start to finish! Here he is on the night we watched Scarface:

[Image: 20201006-022720.jpg]

He fell asleep, so I didn't have to cover his eyes much  tinylaughing 

Every now and then he does day drinking, he'll pound down a 40 of his single malt milk and pass out (MLs that is)  tinycool 

[Image: 20201007-175421.jpg]

All in all, he's doing great. Mom is as well. She's back to "can actually chase me down" stage so I need to be more careful of what I say around her again tinylaughing tinylaughing I've had free reign of zingers in my house for months now!

She's teaching him the bad words in spanish, I'm teaching him the bad words in english and spanglish. 

I do have a SUPER jealous 8-yr old that I've been trying to pay very close attention to. She's a bit sensitive about not being the "baby" any longer.

Oh, and I started filling out his baby book. Funny story: When Maya was born (my 1st) I was all on board with all the little momentous stuff so we bought a baby book. Page 1: "important current events from 2012". At the time, I was like "well, outside of that little skirmish in Syria, not really much happening". That "skirmish", in hindsight, turned out a bit more than "little". 

Ducky Jr's 1st page? "Current Events from 2020":

[Image: 1yz2dm.jpg]

Back to the baby now! I mean brisket. Shit, I need to go outside and make sure I didnt mix them up again!!! tinysurprised
@DuckforcoveR Great thread! Thank you!

I wish that all of my mornings would start like this, but i am grateful that this one did. He is adorable tinycool 

I want to repeat my congratulations, so: Congratulations! To the whole family! Yeah i understand it can be a bit hard for the sister, but i bet that she is very happy also!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=9057]

Excellent Update and Thank You for the pictures.  tinylaughing
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
I happen to think the fashion and the Brisket are on point smallcrackingup

Great thread/update @DuckforcoveR ... and congrats again!
I was born with a Thorn in my Soul, sometimes it hurts.

Nature gave us one tongue and two ears so we could hear twice as much as we speak.

- Epictetus


Great pics! Remembering my boys when they were that tiny is always a sweet memory. Enjoy the moment. Time flies!!

Great thread, kudos for sharing!!

Once upon a time...formally known as SonoftheSun
Such a sweet Duckypoo, Jr.  tinybiggrin

Enjoy the new addition while you can. One day you'll wake up and he'll be moving out to face the world on his own.
Little Foot hit 7 Months today, and he has almost all of dad's boxes checked!

He still wins the fashion award on a weekly basis  minusculeclap

[Image: 20210301-175856.jpg]

We nicknamed him Little Foot because of his twig & grass habit:  smallcrackingup
[Image: 20210403-172541.jpg]

[Image: 20210403-172640.jpg]
[Image: tenor.gif]

But he also eats the "good stuff" - Dads steak and Moms Arrachera:

[Image: 20210411-200608.jpg]

[Image: 20210418-195415.jpg]

He's also got some great reading habits to wind the days down:

[Image: 20201225-084712.jpg]

And Little Foot finally sits up on his own!

[Image: 20210501-072302.jpg]

Definitely in "kid proof the house" mode lately. 

Happy 7-Months! Exhausting 7-Months! But I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Happy 7 Months Little Foot, the Youngest & Smallest  Honorary Rogue Family Member  minusculebeercheers

Great looking family My Friend  minusculeclap

[Image: giphy.gif]
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
(05-02-2021, 07:24 PM)DuckforcoveR Wrote: He's also got some great reading habits to wind the days down...

Stories that he'll move off from and you'll never forget!!

Happy 7 months, D junior!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
"They watch from behind complacent smiles whilst polishing their cutlery. Yet, with egg between the prongs"
Happy 7 mos. Duckypoo Jr.   tinybiggrin  
They are so cuddly at that age. I just want to grab him and squeeze him.  minusculebiggrin
Happy 7 months Little Foot!
Happy 7 months! He has grown. But still a tiny tiny little boy. tinycool
[Image: attachment.php?aid=9057]
(05-02-2021, 11:07 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote: Happy 7 mos. Duckypoo Jr.   tinybiggrin  
They are so cuddly at that age. I just want to grab him and squeeze him.  minusculebiggrin

Right?!  GiantThumbsUp

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