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Hi All, even though the following comes from MSN I think that there could very well be a tremendous amount of truth
in the article.

To some Ukrainians, Chernobyl is a bonanza.
In the years since the town's 1986 reactor explosion, an entire illegal economy has metastasised throughout the poorly guarded,
forest-covered "Alienation Zone" around the shut-down Chernobyl nuclear power plant, allegedly with the help of corrupt officials
and police officers, cut-throat entrepreneurs and impoverished villagers.
Despite obvious health risks to undocumented workers and unsuspecting customers, they log thousands of hectares of trees that
become timber or charcoal, smuggle thousands of tonnes of irradiated scrap metal, poach fish and game, pick and sell contaminated
berries and mushrooms, and illegally mine amber, according to anti-corruption groups, environmentalists, officials, police and court
"Chernobyl has become a cesspool of corruption, a source of timber, [scrap] metal, berries and everything that grows there,"
Roman Bochkala,head of Stop Corruption, a Ukrainian non-profit that investigates corruption in the zone, told Al Jazeera.
Kyiv-based analyst Aleksei Kushch said: "The zone is being ruthlessly exploited by marauders protected from the top" of the
This has been a problem for a long time, spare parts ,engines gear boxes ect have been stolen from the equipment grave yard and many large scrap yards and steel mills have fitted radiation detectors to check arriving scrap metal. This is world wide
"NEW DELHI (AFP) - India's atomic safety body said Thursday that radioactive scrap metal which found its way into buttons installed into lifts in France had been traced back to a western Indian foundry (old). link
When I read stories like this over and over, I'm more convinced it's time to move back to the country, grow my own food, milk my own cow, get my eggs from my own chickens, and have my own fruit trees, berry bushes, grapevines, and a cellar to store my potatoes and canned goodies.

Hmm...  that sounds like the exact life my grandmother lived. Glad I was around to watch her so I know how to survive off the land too.  Only problem is, I'm too old to do it now.

My grandmother and my mother both could run circles around me when I was in my thirties!  Well, at least I know how. Maybe I can have a younger person move in to do the chores and I can teach them how to do what my grandmother taught me... pass it down.

Radiation in this and that, metal in fish, poison in store-bought food, crap in our water, nanobots falling from the sky entering our body, etc. 

Stop the world!  I want to get off now!
@Just Looking  and @Mystic Wanderer 
Yup, we are all being poisoned, some more than others because of Rampant Corruption.
Growing your own fruits and vegetables is an option for some, but not all city dwellers especially if they own a home with an HOA or in some causes a POA.
The one problem I see here is people buying radiated wood to build with or buy food from a open air market in that area.
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