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France: Islamic radicals are teaching students in public schools
i have wondered why the Left so strongly supports islam and what it stands for. More proof that islam is taking control of the very things that keep a country running. Its the same all over Europe

Quote: By ARTHUR LYONS  13 October 2019

[Image: shutterstock_1375163825-702x459.jpg]

Less than a week after the terrorist attack on police headquarters in Paris, French Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer announced that a dozen public school teachers have been reported for Islamic radicalization in 2018.
“These are cases that can be of varying intensity. These are things that give rise to an initial vigilance on our part,” Blanquer said on Thursday during an interview with French radio Europe 1
“There are values to be respected at school, and when we do not respect these values, when we have anti-republican speeches, we do not have a place for those adults supervising children,” the Education Minister added. 

Blanquer cited a case in Torcy, in the the Paris suburb of Seine-et-Marne, where a teacher and imam who runs a private mosque had made “anti-republican remarks”. The teacher was subsequently dismissed from his teaching position.
A history and geography professor working at a college in the same notorious no-go zone (Seine-Saint-Denis) has spoken out about some of his colleagues who he believes to have been radicalized.
“The teaching staff is not immune [to radicalization],” the professor said, adding that one of his Muslim colleagues refuses to shake hands with women. 
The radicalization of students is much more prevalent, with at least a thousand cases of student radicalization has been documented.
Authorities in France are perhaps more concerned than ever that radical Islam is seeping into every public employment sector in the country. Last week, an employee with security clearance working at Paris’s police HQ stabbed four of his colleagues to death. It was later discovered that he was a recent Islamic convert with links to radical Islamic terrorist organizations.
Despite growing radicalization among the police force, many officers say they’re reluctant to report potentially radicalized colleagues due to fear of being labeled ‘Islamophobic’.
This Goat Fucker in the Picture,,,,,,,
[Image: shutterstock_1375163825-702x459.jpg]
Doesn't have the Education to know what those Big Words Mean,,,,, He is a Muslim Tool, Ignorant From Birth through Adulthood.
Believes that their Pedophile God is REAL.

They should all be taken back to the Shit-Hole third world Dump they came from, With-Out Their Mistreated and Abused Women, they should be Educated Given Their Freedom.
JMHO  tinybigeyes
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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If Muslims don't like democracy, why do they always move to places that practice democracy?   minusculethinking 
Of course the answer is, because they want to wipe them out.

Too bad the rulers of these countries don't have the brain power to see this and keep them out. They would rather have "diversity" and allow them to take over. It's really sad.

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