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Can the Measles Virus Cure Cancer?
The first hour of this show by Red Pill News is full of great information told by a whistle blower and Dr. B.  She goes into topics that some of you might need to hear to get "red pilled" with the truth regarding the medical/pharma industry. Can the measles virus cure cancer? Is this why the huge push right now to get everyone vaccinated so they don't get it?  Cancer does, after all, bring in a huge profit to Big Pharma.

It's a fascinating interview!  I give it a 10!   minusculeclap 

(Starts at the 10:40 mark)

Later in the show, Dr. B. shares some disturbing facts that everyone should know. 
Here is a link to the story she discusses:  The horrifying letter in which a scientist "confessed" to murder

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