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Identifying Nutritional Deficiencies
Here is a doctor telling us how to recognize certain health problems by looking at our fingernails, hair, skin, etc. to determine what nutrients we need to correct it without spending money on going to a doctor.  At the end he gives a website where you can fill out a questionnaire to know exactly what may be causing all your problems regarding any health issues.  Pretty cool. 

Thought I'd share.
@Mystic Wanderer 
Excellent, Yes!
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors have use these areas of your body for years, the Tongue, bottom of your feel, breath and does the skin behind your ear have a smell test.
Very, Very accurate ways to diagnose health problems.
Western Doctors have lost this insight years ago, they only want to do surgery and prescribe chemicals to destroy your liver and kidneys and spleen and your brain.
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