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Purple Skies in Cleveland, OH
This is really weird.  Cannot say I have EVER seen or heard of a purple sky.   tinybighuh 

This was filmed on October 13, after Hurricane Michael moved through the area. 

[Image: 5bc611fefc7e93ab228b45a9.JPG]

I am sure there is a good scientific reason behind this, but why have we not seen this before now?  Were there certain chemicals that Hurricane Michael produced in the atmosphere?  Maybe some of that weaponized weather technology they used to create it?

Hmmm...   minusculethinking   Very odd.

Quote:An Ohio motorist has filmed the night sky appearing to glow a magnificent electric purple over the city of Cleveland. The bizarre celestial light has left many struggling to explain the strange phenomenon.

Captured by Youtube user Jbreez216 as he was driving around Cleveland, the footage depicts a strange hue above the city. Completely freaked out by what he is seeing, the eyewitness puts his camera out the window of his moving vehicle to prove it’s not a trick reflection on the windscreen.

“Look at the sky, why is it purple like that?” the motorist says in the video. “That’s crazy. I thought it was my [window] tint for a second but… that’s out the window. That’s crazy.”

Filmed on October 13, after Hurricane Michael struck the state, it’s almost certain the bizarre light was caused by the weather. However, a definitive reason has yet to be settled on by shocked viewers, and many theories are circulating online. Some claimed that the strange coloring was a result of peculiar happenings in space or even a portent of a biblical, end-of-days event.

Watch a video on the source page:  Linky
I've seen it, in Virginia. Probably about 35 or 40 years ago. I laid on my back in a mountain meadow watching it flash like that for two hours or more in the night time. The lightning was running cloud to cloud, not cloud to ground, and it was spectacular... and seemed to last forever. It made the same purple hue in the sky. The only explanation I could come up with was that all of the light was coming from the lightning flashes rather than sunlight, and that in combination with the blue of the sky (if it had been daylight, which it was not) was causing the purple hue.

The atmosphere acts as a prism, returning different colors depending on the light pumped into it. that night, it was purple. A few days later, the sunset was red. A few weeks ago, I saw a sunset that had ALL the colors of the rainbow in it, not just the usual red. Last week, I saw a rainbow to the east at sunset, and that on a day that not a drop of rain had fallen.

This is a wondrous world, always ready to give a surprise to those who are watching.

“The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people.”

-Aldous Huxley

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I have never seen a purple sky but having seen cloud to cloud lighting many times, I can only say its wonderful to watch

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