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The UK's Brexit Referendum.
It's the first day in November of 2019, the rain-sodden Halloween pumpkins have lost their manic grins and now sit
on doorsteps with charred sneers of swindled contempt. To some, it may be emblematic of how the public of Great
Britain -who voted to leave the European Union, feel right around now.

The idea that many in the world were raised with the belief that if a group were asked to make a decision, then the
majority who arrived at a determination would see that verdict implemented.
In the case of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union on 31st October, that accepted process is no longer

Of course, it sets a precedence for any future decisions requested from the British public and the interpretation of
the result. In a hyperbolic scenario, it could be suggested that for a person living in this country wants to fulfil a wish,
that person should vote against it!

The pros-and-cons of being a partner in the European Union are difficult to research due to bias from each faction.
Objective truth is hazy because of the lame-stream media's manner and political rhetoric from a complacent Parliament
who's protective 'bubble' in Westminster has hampered their perception of the people they're supposed to represent.

If the UK had left on 31st March 29, a proposal offered by ex-Prime Minister Theresa May three years after the referendum,
then the agreed EU regulations would have seen the UK spending three years 'weaning' themselves off the disciplines that
the other twenty-seven countries adhere to.

With trade between the UK and these twenty-seven nations still paramount to the EU project and Great Britain, the 'Leaving'
plan was originally designed to utilise that time to adjust any accords that involved tariffs, Custom rules and security.

But in an environment where private and public companies would scrutinise the leaving process, accommodate their
businesses to use these changes and seek out other possible customer across the world, a decision that all the political
parties in the United Kingdom agreed to abide by was halted on the day of remembering the dead and the change of

I have never known such a time when a democratic country arrives at a result from a binary question and the conclusion
is -not only ignored, it is argued against with poor contention. However and if you'll allow me, I do believe I know why.

There's been a fundamental change in the way that most of the populace in the first-world countries have consciously
become in their way of understanding what social leadership and communal awareness actually is.

A sentient group will go one way after intermutual acknowledgement is arrived at and the person deemed strongest of the
group is charged with the task of going forward with the agreed plan and testing for pitfalls -genuine pitfalls, that the group
may not have included in their thinking.

Checking that all is safe, the colony can proceed under the assurance that their chosen 'leader' has cleared a way of perils
and therefore, increased the chances of the group continuing to exist and possibly thrive. This idea of single-hegemony is
our basic tenet of tribal existence and has the luxury of advantage in two ways.
Remember, even a leader has to sleep and many alert eyes bring easier dreams!

But today, that type of overall continuation has been eroded. Simply put, we've become soft, complacent and weak.

Those same first-world communities believe the bar of merit, personal strength and natural conduction, should be lowered
to cater for the lesser, those who actually benefit from members of their group that are supposed to genuinely strive to
improve the whole. Those who succeed in thier individual skills are now frowned upon and asked to perform to a level
below their standard.

Those thought to have such commanding aptitudes are now graded on visual appearance, a predilection towards empathy
and always displaying an air of altruism. Again, feelings, emotions and a lowering of expectations.

Whether the above theory is self-inflicted due to the multitude of comfort, the fall of religious disciplines or a natural outcome
when an Empire has lived too long, I don't know. But if it's been part of a long-term infiltration scheme by others outside the
group, then it should certainly investigated.

But then again, how would you know the cause if you discovered it? A person who's breathed water all of their lives will
certainly balk if there's evidence that they're supposed to inhaling air and the ironic part is that in the current social climate,
you cannot even guarantee a democratically arrived-at result for which idea would benefit you!!

Strength is seen as a negative and I believe that comes from too-much time spent accepting excessive indulgence in pleasure
and luxury. Nobody is saying you should wear sackcloth and ashes and no one is suggesting that bread and water will make
you a more virtuous person, but democracy must be agreed on as ground we must not tread lightly.
But today, the footprints are there for all to see.

No, there was a saying that went 'Decisions are made by those who turn up' and sadly, it seems in today's society, that is no
longer true. Just like those same smoke-smudged gourds sitting in the morning November rain, we'll have to wait and see
where the UK ends up.
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Just a quickie...

My sister-in-law French resident has been here in the UK for over a week and as of writing this,
has reported that everything she's purchased here is cheaper than in France!

Paris is filthy and heavily cordoned off, some medicines are difficult to obtain and the media
rarely report on the crimes committed by their migrant 'guests'.

And the question is... what is the EU doing to benefit the countries it rules over?
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Could you ask your sister in law to write about it here. The more people know the truth about what is going on in Europe the better.
(11-05-2019, 01:12 PM)Wallfire Wrote: Could you ask your sister in law to write about it here. The more people know the truth about what is going on in Europe the better.

minusculethumbsup  She's out shopping at the moment...! But I will ask her.
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(11-05-2019, 01:12 PM)Wallfire Wrote: Could you ask your sister in law to write about it here. The more people know the truth about what is going on in Europe the better.

Here's the commodities that she found cheaper in the UK than in France.

Supermarket bread.
Brie cheese -which I was surprised about!
Milk 1 litre
Vanish fabric stain remover
Chicken breasts
Bottled water .033 litre
Shoes -predominantly women shoes.
Fruit per kilo
McDonald meals
Eggs 1 dozen

However, public transport was cheaper in France, as was rent. She also felt that salaries
in France were lightly higher.
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Any chance she would like to also tell us about the things the news papers dont tell, how France has changed in the last few years
(11-07-2019, 03:18 PM)Wallfire Wrote: Any chance she would like to also tell us about the things the news papers dont tell, how France has changed in the last few years

I'll ask her and prepare it for here.
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Wherever the public make a statement, good ol' George is there to put a spanner in the works.

Quote:Tories call for urgent investigation into £3million that George Soros funnelled into anti-Brexit campaign
aimed at bringing down Boris Johnson.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6645]
George Soros and Unite To Remain member Heidi Allen.

'The billionaire financier known as 'the man who broke the Bank of England' is facing a possible investigation
into nearly £3 million that his foundation channelled into a campaign aimed at bringing down Boris Johnson.

Tories have called for an urgent Electoral Commission probe into George Soros's American organisation after
The Mail on Sunday discovered that it funnelled money into a campaign trying to block Brexit at the ballot box.

His New York-based Open Society Foundation sent the money to the pro-EU Best for Britain group via a London
outpost, circumventing a ban on foreign donations to political organisations. Best for Britain (BfB) has designed
a website telling people how to vote tactically for Remain-backing candidates, which, if successful, would wipe
out Mr Johnson's hopes of a majority.

The development comes after Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and Plaid Cymru formed a 'Unite To Remain'
pact not to stand against each other in 60 seats, to give the best chance of a Remain candidate getting in. 
BfB describes itself as a 'fellow traveller' with the alliance, which is expected to utilise its data.

Hungarian-born Mr Soros helped to build his fortune by betting against sterling on Black Wednesday in 1992,
causing panic in John Major's Government and earning him his notoriety.

He says that his love for Britain led him to campaign against the 'tragic mistake' of leaving the EU. He said recently
that the funds he has given for anti-Brexit activity were 'not used for partisan or electoral purposes.
They were used to educate the British public'.

Since 2017, BfB has received £2.7 million from Mr Soros's foundation. The sums have been revealed in the
accounts of the foundation's London branch, which shares an office building in Westminster with other anti-Brexit
organisations, including Open Britain and the European Movement. 
Both of these groups have played a critical role in the People's Vote campaign for a second referendum.

Facebook looks set to be a key battleground in the Election, and BfB has invested heavily in advertising on the platform,
spending a total of £613,000 since October 2018. In the past 30 days alone, BfB has spent £137,000 on 165 different
sponsored adverts.

Nearly one in four voters say they intend to vote tactically this Election – equivalent to almost 7.8 million votes, many in
key marginals. BfB's tactical voting tool,, predicts that if 30 per cent of pro-Remain voters use their vote
in this way, it will prevent the Conservatives winning a majority, based on seat-by-seat analysis of 46,000 people across
the UK.

Unite To Remain, headed by Heidi Allen, the former Tory MP turned Liberal Democrat, claims that at least 44 of the 60
seats are 'highly winnable' if tactical voting is used.

In the December 12 Election, the Lib Dems will stand unopposed by the other two parties in the pact in 43 areas, the
Greens in ten and Plaid Cymru in seven. Ms Allen said the cross-party arrangement was 'unprecedented in modern
British political history'.

Last night, Andrew Percy, who is standing for re-election for the Tories in Brigg and Goole, said: 'I am calling on the Electoral
Commission to urgently investigate whether a breach of spending rules has taken place, and to clarify how Best for Britain
is spending these overseas millions. 
'The rules are clear: foreign donations on this scale cannot be spent on an election campaign.

'We need a fair and level playing field – and that means ensuring that hardcore groups seeking to thwart the democratic
will of the British people don't act as a route for overseas money to influence elections in this country.' The BfB said last night:
'Our financial statements are appropriately filed and make clear we have received money from the Open Society Foundation.

'During regulated periods such as elections, we use permissible UK donations for regulated campaign activity to comply with
Electoral Commission rules. 'No money from foreign donations is used to fund this. We look forward to the Electoral Commission
confirming this is the case.

'Given the damage a Johnson government and a hard Brexit would inflict on the country, we have received a large number of
donations from all over Britain.'...'
Daily Mail:

Oh, I'm sure the EU Commission will find no indiscretions!

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(11-07-2019, 03:18 PM)Wallfire Wrote: Any chance she would like to also tell us about the things the news papers dont tell, how France has changed in the last few years

I apologise for the tardiness in writing my sister-in-law's thoughts on the country she's been living in for over forty years
and especially to Wallfire, who was interested in what she thought of France in today's politically-charged climate.

Remember, this is what she thinks, not definitely knows.

First off, the regular French person-in-the-street isn't getting the whole truth of what the European Union wants and what
the countries that fund it, actually obtain. The ideals of what the Macron and the EU supposedly desire and the realities of
the day-to-day lives of indigenous French citizens are very far apart.

Immigration in France is a real problem that isn't being addressed by either the Government or the media.

Subsidies from the European Union have become standard and ergo, reliance on funding instead of self-sustainability is
breeding resentment in some quarters considering the lack of economic input from the ever-increasing migrant communities.
There's also some grumbling regarding the pension-system and the migrants. There's little input -if none by these recent
residents and yet, they will receive a full pension at the appropriate time.

The salaries -in general, in France are slightly higher than in the United Kingdom, however the cost of foods, clothes and
many other items in the UK are much lower than in France and the differences cannot be equated in equivalence.
Brands that are in the UK from countries outside of the EU are not available in France and to a smaller extent, visa-versa.

Communal travel is cheaper in France, however my sister-in-law only compared her nearby rail-service to the reports of
costs in the UK's rail network. France's railway system is nationalised compared to the UK's privately-funded, yet she admitted
that the British passenger rolling-stock were in better condition than the ones she rides in.
The availability was okay, but the damage and dirt in the carriages she puts down to the lack of investment and the migrants!

The Yellow Vest (Gilets jaunes) movement has been taken over by young people who just want the chaos. The fuel-prices
that were the initial concern of these protesters have risen and it seems there's no wish for the French Government to solve
the problem. Centuries-old statues are beyond salvaging and many businesses are gone from areas of Paris.

My sister-in-law and her married daughter believe certain parts of Paris are dangerous -usually at night, due to them being
female. Her son is a Police Officer and has told them to immediately ring him with location details if they ever stray into certain
parts of the city inhabited by migrants.
Those areas are mainly migrant-filled and have a certain belief structure when it comes to women and conduct.

She added that anti-semitic crime -although she didn't use that expression, is also on the rise in Paris.
She doesn't like what's happening to Paris and its surroundings and has mentioned that she's considered moving back to
northern Britain.

My sister-in-law's description of the streets in Paris unaffected by the riots indicate a drop in the usual standards.
Defecating by both dogs and the many tented-communities of migrants are regular sights. Discarded rubbish is common
in places once noted for a higher tone of civil living. And just like London, there's no waste-bins.
(For London, this was due to the IRA bombings of the Capital back in the seventies and were never replaced after the
troubles had halted on the mainland)

I hope this relates her attitude to the areas of France she knows well. Personally, it shows that Paris is enduring what many
cities and towns under EU umbrella are dealing with and there seems to be.... no, there is a common cause and I think we
know what it is.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
BIAD thank you very much, I do have contacts in other parts of Europe but not France. It was sad to hear that its much the same else where, and that the media is covering it up. I know that the government here asks the media not to tell the true story about the rapes and violence.
If  now and then she could keep us up to date that would be great.
(11-14-2019, 02:27 PM)Wallfire Wrote: ...If  now and then she could keep us up to date that would be great.

Will do. I'm subtly working on getting my nephew (her Police son) to send me info.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
That would be great, its how I get some of my info
(11-14-2019, 06:55 PM)Wallfire Wrote: That would be great, its how I get some of my info

After I posted the information above, she casually mentioned that her son and his
fellow-Officers deliberately take a detour when required to visit some the 'dodgy'
social-housing areas around Paris.

The Police's hopes are that by the time they arrive to see what the latest violence is,
they've hopefully killed each other!

On a serious note, she added that the Police do fear going into these built-up places
of mainly migrant gangs and that these same groups have taken over the Champs-
Elysees when the night comes.
So it's dangerous there too.
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Great Britian had a referendum you know, a non-binding request of the Conservative Government to public of
England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Gibralter and a small section of the Channel Isles, in order to ask
them if they wished to remain or leave the European Union.

It was a close call and every indications were that the UK would remain in the EU, just as the last referendum
that asked the same realms of the British Isles if they'd like to stay in the previously-titled European Economic

All the political parties agreed to accept the result and when the Prime Minister at the time -David Cameron
announced outside No.10 Downing Street that the people had spoken and a slim majority had decided to
vacate the bureaucratic consortium, a strange feelling enveloped that same public who marked an 'X' in a box.

That was three years ago and lots of things have changed since that decision.
Those same political parties have also changed their original decisions on how they would perceive what those
they serve had arrived at their verdict.

The Conservatives with Boris Johnson at the helm, realised jumping on the 'Leave' train, would possibly safeguard
a future governance. Nigel Farage's home-spun Brexit Party that are said to represent the British public's decision,
were in agreement with the Tories and wanted a straight-forward exit from the group of 28 countries.

Labour, the once-working-class party, sat on the fence and at the time of writing, are still unsure of what they want.
Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party's leader and avid Marxist, has said they want a better deal with the EU, a deal that
he can put back to the British people with another referendum and depending on that result, then decide what to do
about leaving or remaining in the EU.

The Scottish National Party wish to stay in the European Union and the fact that all of Scotland voted to remain, their
leader Nicola Sturgeon, also wants Scotland to gain independence from the United Kingdom. Maybe Gordi can assist
at ths point?

Acknowledging that Home-Rule is important, Wales is or was a predominantly a Labour stronghold with Plaid Cymru
still struggling to raise the patriotic flag.

Finally, we have the Liberal Democrats, a party that not only wants to ignore the original referendum, it wants us to stay
in the EU and even adopt the euro currency over the UK's pound. Who'd have thought a group with the word 'democrat'
in their name would neglect the actual use of the noun when it came to choice?!

Here's their leader Jo Swinsnon, who doesn't agree with egalitarianism.
And for anyone's interest, 'LBC ' is a London-based national phone-in and talk radio station and is short for:
' Leading Britain's Conversation'.

Quote:Jo Swinson forced to address threat to the pound in Brexit plan ‘Have to join the euro!'

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6674]

Jo Swinson was forced to admit that the UK rejoining the EU would lead to the adoption of the Euro currency in an revealing
interview with LBC’s Iain Dale. Mr Dale pointed out that any re-entry would require the UK to adopt the Euro currency.

He told the MP: “One reason why you might be reluctant to say ‘yes we would campaign to go back in straight away’ is because
you know that we would have to adopt the Euro. “Those are the rules. Anybody joining the EU has to join the Euro right from the

The Lib Dem leader tried to defend her party’s stance, despite knowing the Euro is deeply unpopular in the country.
She said: “I’ve had discussions in Brussels. “I certainly think that the best route for us is to stop Brexit because, of course,
if we stop Brexit then we get to keep the deal that we already have.

“It has the rebate, it has all of the opt-outs. “Equally I think there's quite an appetite for change within the EU.”
She added: “There are lots of different member states who are looking to change and reform the European Union.
“It may well be that at a future point that we wanted to rejoin those requirements might not all be there.”

Mr Dale shot back: “Do you recognize at the moment we would have to join the Euro if we went back in?”
Ms Swinson told the LBC presenter: “As I say, from the conversations I've had, I wouldn't assume that to be the case.”

The Liberal Democrats took just under eight percent of the votes in 2017.
They are polling at about 15 percent now and believe they could win a majority in December.
In her campaign launch, Ms Swinson said: “I never thought I’d stand here and say that I’m a candidate to be prime minister.
“But when I look at Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, I am absolutely certain I could do a better job than either of them.”...'
The Express:

Without taking sides on the Leave/Remain issue, this woman is a f*ckin' idiot!

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