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Strange Plasma Anomaly
Although this could be lightening, the article states that this type of lightening has never been documented.  This video is going viral on social media, and no one seems to know what it is.

Could it be a Project Blue Beam hologram?

[Image: 700_0f581d8589661541f2a377deb13143ef.jpg?v=1480544712]

Quote:A video has been spreading like wildfire on Facebook that was taken in Arizona, in the United States. The video depicts a flash of bright blue light that seems to be connected to at least one capsule. The bright blue is about the same color of plasma and it is possible that the light comes from rockets from the bottom of the capsule. The people in the comments are clearly terrified. The strange thing about this sighting is that it ca not be explained by conventional means.

This flash of light is pretty clearly not lightning, and if it is it is a type of lightning bolt that has never been documented before. If it is lighting, the “cloud formations” above it also have never been documented before. There has been no media coverage of the incident, likely because they have no feasible explanation and do not want to scare the general public.

One of the most popular modern conspiracy theories revolves around the infamous Blue Beam Project and the global changes it would entail. A pet project of the New World Order, Blue Beam will seek to simulate an apocalypse scenario and introduce the world to its new overlords. Most conspiracy theorists agree that Blue Beam will consist of four consequential steps.

Click on image below.   Source Link

It's the hand of Zeus!


Beautiful though  minusculebiggrin

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