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How food stamps/Medicaid/child care subsidies work
I originally posted this on ATS in 2015 when I was still working. I worked for my county human services department in the economic support division when I posted this. I have since retired from that position in 2019. I still believe this information still holds true to this day. I don’t like what I see about people being criminalized for being poor or receiving benefits. Now that I’ve applied for Medicaid on behalf of my husband who is in a nursing home, I’m really feeling how important these benefits are. The rack rate at the nursing home my husband is in is $300/day. Do the math. I don’t have that kind of money sitting around, and I’m grateful Medicaid is able to pick up most of the tab for my husband’s care. 

Hi everyone. I decided to post this thread after seeing a number of threads bashing and slamming those receiving food stamps, Medicaid, and child care subsidies. 

I imagine more than a few of you are receiving benefits of this sort. I work at my county human services department, in economic support. I see people come in on a daily basis to apply for benefits, so I have insight on how it works. 

I want to clear up some misconceptions. First, if a person is undocumented, they cannot receive food stamps, Medicaid, or child care. I have seen several posts by people saying they can. That is not true. Second, these benefits are not handed out like candy. People are required to turn in many verifications, and they have a narrow timeframe in which to turn them in.  

If they turn in the verifications in a timely manner, and they are within the income/ household composition criteria, they will receive benefits. Every six months, they must re verify their situation and turn in more verifications in order to keep their benefits. If they do not, their benefits will end. For food stamps, you get a card. You use it like a debit card. You cannot buy alcohol or cigarettes with an EBT card.  

One cannot simply stroll in, say they have 19 kids, and we hand them cash. It doesn't work that way. The process can seem humiliating, and that is because the few bad apples that commit fraud ruin it and make it all the harder for everyone. 

I see people from all walks of life come into my office. Guess what? They are people, not animals. They have hopes and dreams. They have good and bad in their life, like the rest of us. The great majority are good people in a bad way, either by a couple of poor decisions or life circumstances. Of course, we only hear the horror stories in the news because if it bleeds, it leads.  

I'm pissed and tired of hearing all this bashing of people because they are poor! If I had a dollar for everyone who told me they were ashamed to even be there, I would have been able to retire long ago to a beach in Tahiti.  

I wish everyone would have more compassion for poor people. I remember something one of my former bosses said to me shortly before I started working at human services - most of us are 2-3 pay checks away from being on the other side of my counter, applying for benefits. Most us us would be well to heed that.  

I hope my thread educates those who read it. 
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How food stamps/Medicaid/child care subsidies work - by ChiefD - 07-12-2020, 02:28 AM

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