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The Great Awakening - David Wilcock
I came upon this live stream after David had already been talking for an hour, but he continued for over four more, so this is a LONG video!   minusculebiggrin

I still need to listen to the first hour, but I can tell you that in the hours to follow David went over so many different topics, including: The beginning of the Cabal, who was involved, JFK, how ETs brought us new technology, the looking glass, who's behind the Covid-19 virus, what's going on behind the scenes now, past important Q posts, and much more.

I am always fascinated with the amount of knowledge David has stored in his brain, but last night blew my mind. He kept going and going and going...   tinylaughing 

Being that many people are stuck at home now, it is a good time to use your boredom to learn something new and understand the true reality of the world around you.  So grab a drink and let's get started.

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The Great Awakening - David Wilcock - by Mystic Wanderer - 03-23-2020, 04:48 PM

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