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Full Version: To lure people put off by the freakishness of lab grown meat
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They can call it whatever the hell they like .... it still wont get me to eat that shit westerners call food .... you want it then you eat that chem filled modded artificial shit ..... will stick to time tested way of get meat fishing or hunting it down and killing it then roast over fire ..... 
new name for lab grown shit
Looks like a bunch of small worms or maggots!


Some interesting questions here, will muslims and jews be able to eat it? Will vegetarians be able to eat it?
I have no problem eating meat made in the lab, it would stop the suffering of animals used to produce food, its not like its syolent green, at least I hope not.
But it would be an excellent and easy delivery system for mind control drugs and anything else TPTB would want to give us.