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UK Big Cat Sighting For Halloween.
They've been about for years, but the UK officially don't have big cats.

Quote:Big cat on loose? Dog walker stunned when 'beast bares teeth and growls' in Hertfordshire

A dog walker claims to have come across a black panther-like predator in Hertfordshire.

'Tom Pitt, 38, snapped the unidentified beast prowling the grounds at the historic Hatfield House yesterday.
While walking in an open grassy area, he noticed his dog fix a stare at a shape in the distance.
Unfortunately, the cat which caught his pooch’s attention seemed to be much larger than a domestic moggy.

"I was walking my dog there which is what I normally do," he told Essex Live.
"I was near the Essendon end of the park which is a lot quieter than the rest of the park.

"I think it was my dog who noticed first. He kind of looked in that direction and so I looked, and it was a big
black cat. “It looked like a domestic cat but much bigger."

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4652][Image: attachment.php?aid=4653]

Mr Pitt took some pictures of the cat, but it appeared to be camera shy and began to act aggressively.
"It looked like it growled and bared its teeth,” he said. "It ran into the woods after that. I think we startled it,
it was all so quick." Mr Pitt said he feels concerned after the mysterious sighting.

"I have been walking over there for years and I've never seen anything like it before," he said.
"You don't expect to see that kind of thing. It was the morning and I was barely awake. You see the deer
and hedgehogs but not a big cat."

The RSPCA said no sightings of a “big black cat” have been reported in the park...'

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Edith Head Gives Good Wardrobe. 
tinywhat   Need a gun to walk your dog,,, unless you don't care a lot about that Yappy Mut.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
Photographs of a house cat. I think the first photo is that of a dog.
(10-22-2018, 08:39 PM)Wallfire Wrote: Photographs of a house cat. I think the first photo is that of a dog.

But-but... it's from The Daily Star!
Edith Head Gives Good Wardrobe. 
Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty,,,, I have a Doggy Treat For You,,,, smallroflmao
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
(10-22-2018, 08:42 PM)BIAD Wrote:
(10-22-2018, 08:39 PM)Wallfire Wrote: Photographs of a house cat. I think the first photo is that of a dog.

But-but... it's from The Daily Star!

The Daily Star and the Guardian,  minusculebiggrin minusculebiggrin minusculebiggrin minusculebiggrin minusculebiggrin minusculebiggrin minusculebiggrin
(10-22-2018, 08:51 PM)Wallfire Wrote: The Daily Star and the Guardian,  minusculebiggrin minusculebiggrin minusculebiggrin minusculebiggrin minusculebiggrin minusculebiggrin minusculebiggrin

mediumnotlooking  So anyway, dog walker takes some pics for media-fillers;
A dog and a cat.
Edith Head Gives Good Wardrobe. 
Yeah, I agree, it looks like an ordinary domestic cat. You can't tell how big it is because there is nothing close to compare it's size to.

Move along...
Nope, that's a melanistic leopard, in both images.

Probably an escapee from some menagerie or another. It's illegal for private persons to keep them, or any other wild animals, in my state, but you would be amazed at how many ignore that law, even locally here out back of nowhere, beyond the last mountain.
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Said Aristippus, ‘If you would learn to be subservient to the king you would not have to live on lentils.’ Said Diogenes, ‘Learn to live on lentils and you will not have to be subservient to the king.’

Well, it seems this thread needed a bit of dusting off, so here we go!
Keep your eyes on the far-right of the footage, it's allegedly taken from a door-cam in the UK in a town called
Warrington. A 'Big Cat' seen prowling the streets at night?

[Image: warrington_map_position_in_cheshire_000001.png]

Edith Head Gives Good Wardrobe. 
I want a big cat. Like a lion. Or a tiger. Or a liger, it is a mix of those 2. Would be cool.

[Image: main-qimg-77b8370a18e306a09f642ff48e89fc12-lq]
"Man is fully responsible for his nature and his choices."

-Jean-Paul Sartre
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[Image: rZ4lQTw.jpg]

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Rogue News says that the US is a reality show posing as an Empire.

Cats... I love them so much.

Selfish and arrogant dicks. All of them.

But so cute that all of that is forgiven 100%

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"Man is fully responsible for his nature and his choices."

-Jean-Paul Sartre
We have lynx cats here in Finland.

Fucking cool or what?

[Image: 39-6647915e9808422c7d4]
"Man is fully responsible for his nature and his choices."

-Jean-Paul Sartre
Realising that the new-and-improved Rogue Nation website had an interest in Britain's 'Big Cat' phenomena,
The Sun newspaper leapt cat-like onto the bandwagon and produced this piece of cat-nip for our members.


I’ve investigated big cats terrorising UK for 20 years – here’s proof they ARE on the loose and which towns are at risk

'Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the woods... a fresh wave of big cat sightings has left Brits terrified.
Dramatic doorbell footage of a 'black panther' stalking a Cheshire neighbourhood last week was just the latest in a
string of sightings across the UK in recent months.

And while over the years, debate has raged over whether grainy pictures and videos can conclusively prove that big beasts
are on the prowl, experts insist they are lurking in our countryside. Leading wildcat expert Rick Minter, who has investigated
the mysterious creatures' movements for 20 years, claims that there could be as many as 1,000 fierce felines hiding in forests
around the country.

[Image: 2303b13e-4ef3-467b-8479-e06f9b796786.jpg?w=670]
Josh Williams claims this 'big animal' was eating a sheep.

The environmental consultant features in new documentary, Britain's Big Cat Mystery, which uses DNA analysis and
photographic evidence to 'prove' that fearsome creatures from black leopards to pumas and lynxes live in our woods.
"It's a crucial issue," Rick tells The Sun. "How do we come to terms with living alongside big cats in Britain?"
“It's hard to judge how they are distributed. Deer is their main food source, so they are everywhere in the UK in reasonable

[Image: 57e082d0-0252-4295-978b-16a72c2d9f60.jpg?w=670]
A still from the doorbell cam footage.

“Three sightings this month alone’
It is estimated that there are 2,000 reported big cat sightings each year, but this month a number of incidents have sparked
fears the creatures could be growing bolder. Rick says it's possible that the animals could have "roamed into new areas" in
the wake of lockdowns, but believes human activity could have caused a shift too.

"Green spaces on town edges became busier with people doing more local walks, which would disturb large cats and their
main prey, deer." There have been three sightings in the last few weeks, including homeowner Luke Hickman, 30, who
recorded a "black panther" outside his home in Newton, Cheshire. Doorbell camera footage showed the creature – bigger
than the average house moggy – with a long and curved tail move from behind his car before vanishing out of sight.

Two days earlier, Julie Murphy, who lives 10 minutes away, near Warrington, spotted an animal matching Luke’s description
when it “charged” at her vehicle. “Even though it was dark, I could tell it wasn’t a fox,” she told the Warrington Guardian.

Rick, who runs the Big Cat Conversations podcast, says the predators “very occasionally venture into urban areas at quiet times”
in the search for food. He added: “This is probably due to a big cat having a nearby territory and occasionally diverting to the urban

[Image: b185c416-ef4c-4619-95be-10c73be6ba1e-1.jpg?w=670]
A John Bilney still.

Earlier this month, Josh Williams, 17, thought he filmed a “big black cat… feeding on something like a dead animal” while
camping near Mermaid’s Pool, in the Peak District. He told the Stoke Sentinel that he heard an “occasional crunching” sound
on the footage, which he believed was “most likely a sheep” being eaten.

Britain's Big Cat Mystery gathers together some of the nation's most compelling photo and video evidence that wildcats are
roaming free in our countryside. They included John Bilney's 2020 photos of a big cat's torso, which expert Trevor McKenzie
said was "the most conclusive piece of evidence" he had seen. He said the trail cam shots showed “a juvenile mountain lion
or puma” and added: “There is no doubt in my mind.”

Matt Smith's 2016 photo, snapped in Devon, was also highlighted for depicting rose-like markings on a creature's fur that are
typically associated with a big cat. An odd cameo comes from Tiger King star Kelci Saffery, who claims Coryn Memory's 2009
picture from Gloucestershire depicts "a small or juvenile mountain lion or leopard".

The documentary also examines compelling physical evidence, including 240 bone samples collected by Professor Andrew
Hemmings, from the Royal Agricultural University. They come from "defleshed carcasses" and feature teeth marks that appear
to originate from the powerful jaws of a big cat.

Field naturalist Jonathan McGown found a "beautiful double footprint" in Devon, from a big cat stalking its prey.
The overlapping imprints are called ‘direct register’ – when cats' front and rear paws tread in the same footprint to reduce the
noise. Jonathan takes a mould and experts conclude the prints are from a “large non-native species” – likely a big cat due to
its circular toes and the double register. The documentary team requests access to one of the samples, a Devon hare from
2009, and sends it to Dr Todd Disotell, a biological anthropologist and molecular geneticist.

Results from the DNA testing conclude it was a Panthera Pardus - more commonly known as a leopard.
"So either indeed a leopard was running around in Devon when this was collected or somebody hoaxed or planted this DNA,"
Dr Disotell adds. Rick says he has personally heard of 1,400 credible accounts of big cats in the UK over the last decade,
but believes they are the "tip of the iceberg" as most go unreported.

Despite the recent sightings, he insists these big cats are “shy and wary animals” and not “large predators on the loose”.
He said: “They are far more scared of us and most often they are just trying to move humans away from their territory.
“They don’t want to risk getting injured from an encounter with humans or machines, and so they live in the shadows,
hidden away." “If they are drawn into urban areas, domestic-size cats may be taken unfortunately but this happens very
rarely. “They have an abundance of natural prey available – especially deer – so they don’t need to adapt their behaviour
to scavenge regularly.”...'
The Sun:
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