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The Jersey Devil
I've told this story before, but I don't think it's on this board, so I'm going to tell it again. [Image: emoticon-tongue.png]

[Image: jersey_devil_by_teratophoneus-d4sf41b.jpg]

There was a creature that used to run past my window when I was around the age of 10 years old. My bedroom was on one end of the house, and my parents bedroom was on the other end of the hallway, with my sister's room in between the two.

During the winter of 1967 (?) a creature of some type would start running outside at the other end of the house (at my parents bedroom), and run past the three bedrooms very close to the exterior wall.
When it reached my window it sounded like it took flight with very large wings; I could hear them flapping as it went airborne.
As it ran it sounded like horse hooves, but with only two legs, which was very loud! (I never could figure out why my parents and sister were never awakened by it.)

The sound it made when it screamed (if this was it) was unlike anything the old-timers in the area had ever heard! They had heard panthers, bobcats, etc. all their lives, and they said this was not a cat, or anything like those! 
There was a Big Foot in the woods too, so I'm not sure which creature is was that was doing the screaming.  

I never did look out my window to see what it was... I was too frightened! I also felt like it knew I was there... and it was there because of me.
The adults in the area were afraid to go outside at night, and my parents would not allow me to play outside during the day.

The "visitations" happened every night for several weeks, or more.

One night when there was snow on the ground, I got lucky and saw where it had left footprints in the snow. They were shaped like a bird, sort of; about a foot long, or more, with three long appendages in front and one going out in the back.
I showed the footprints to my sister and she was amazed by it! At least I had a witnesses. Too bad I didn't have a camera back then to take a picture. [Image: emoticon-unhappy.png]

After many, many years of wondering what the heck that creature was, I was surfing the web (after getting a computer in my home) and came across the Jersey Devil, and I sat paralyzed as I noticed the two hooves on it's legs, and the claw-like hands from it's upper "arms" (?).

And the wings! The wings that made a very loud swoosh.... swoosh....swoosh sound as it took flight after running past my window, only to circle and come back to do the same routine. All I could do was lie in my bed with the covers drawn over my head and hope it didn't break through the window and get me. [Image: emoticon-surprised.png]

Thankfully, others have witnessed, or have stories similar to mine to let me know I'm not delusional or alone in my experiences.

Here are a few stories about the Jersey Devil and other Cryptids : Jersey Devil Article

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