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WEF and their sick stuff

This guy, Klaus Schwab, is as evil as Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer.  They all look and sound like fucking villains straight out of a '60s Batman TV show.
SPECTRE’S Dr. Ernst Stavro Klaus von Blohschwab of "you-will-own-nothing-and-be-happy" (or else) fame.

[Image: bzZjVJQ.jpg]

[Image: bAVm7hS.jpg]

[Image: RMXQheJ.jpg]

I think many of these types of people are bored, so bored that they've lost a normal moral compass, which is why they like to do things like use planscamdemics to run injection experiments on humans (Dr. Fausti) or plot how to blot out the sun (Baal Gates) or fund various kinds of storm troopers (too many people to name), or invade countries on empty pretexts (G.W. Bush calling the Putin pot black). These Managerial technocrat Revolutionist's are old, tired, bored and desperate. They have no viable plans for the future so they cling to comic book fantasies. It probably explains why they started building bunkers in 2016 to hide during the collapse.

"The underlying aim was not to win the war but to use the conflict to create a constant state of destabilized perception in order to manage and control." ― Vladislav Yuryevich Surkov

"The wisdom they claim we gain, is just all the wisdom we already had, but was oblivious to it, because we were too busy trying to change what we couldn't and refusing to change what we could, when we could."
― NightskyeB4Dawn

And of course KS has a creepy German accent. Why not? Essen zee bugs!!!

The worst thing in the world would be if something were to happen to that location while they are all there. It would be terrible for sure.

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