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"Monkey Pox"?? The NEW Covid??
So much of this article makes no sense to me.

In fact, this article gave me a headache.

Quote:U.S. government places $119 million order for 13 million freeze-dried Monkeypox vaccines
Chris Morris
May 19, 2022 11:12 AM EDT

Following confirmation that monkeypox has made its way to the U.S., the government ordered millions of doses of a vaccine that protects against the virus.

Bavarian Nordic, the biotech company that makes the vaccine, has announced a $119 million order placed by the U.S., with the option to buy $180 million more if it wants. Should that second option be exercised, it would work out to approximately 13 million doses.
The order will convert existing smallpox vaccines, which are also effective against monkeypox, into freeze-dried versions, which have a longer shelf life. The converted vaccines will be manufactured in 2023 and 2024, the company says.
Bavarian Nordic has worked with the U.S. government since 2003 to develop, manufacture and supply smallpox vaccines. To date, it says, it has supplied nearly 30 million doses to the Department of Health and Human Services.

The U.S. isn’t the only country stocking up on the vaccine. On Thursday, Bavarian Nordic said an unidentified European country had secured a contract to obtain the vaccine.
“While the full circumstances around the current monkeypox cases in Europe remain to be elucidated, the speed of which these have evolved, combined with the potential for infections beyond the initial case going undetected, calls for a rapid and coordinated approach by the health authorities, and we are pleased to assist in this emergency situation,” said Paul Chaplin, president and CEO of Bavarian Nordic in a statement.

Monkeypox was first discovered in 1958 and the first human case was reported in 1970. Symptoms include fever, headache, body aches, exhaustion and a rash that spreads across the body. It is fatal in up to 10% of infections.
The recent outbreak was first identified in Europe on May 7, in an individual who had traveled to Nigeria, where monkeypox is endemic. Since then, over 20 cases have spread through England, Portugal and Spain. Other potential cases are being monitored now.
The first U.S. case was announced Wednesday and six other people are now being monitored. CDC epidemiologist Andrea McCollum told Fortune late Wednesday that she isn't particularly concerned about outbreaks, but that potential additional U.S. cases are likely.

Here we go again.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=8192]

(05-24-2022, 02:50 AM)guohua Wrote:
Quote:Dr. John Brooks, a CDC official, emphasized that anyone can contract monkeypox through close personal contact regardless of sexual orientation. However, Brooks said many of the people affected globally so far are men who identify as gay or bisexual. Though some groups have greater chance of exposure to monkeypox right now, the risk isn’t limited only to the gay and bisexual community, he cautioned.

Quote:Monkeypox is not a sexually transmitted disease, which is generally passed through semen or vaginal fluid, but it can be transmitted through sexual and intimate contact as well as through shared bedding.
The virus spreads through contact with body fluids and sores, Brooks said.

He added that it’s important for physicians and individuals to be aware of the symptoms associated with monkeypox, particularly anal or genital lesions that can be confused with herpes, syphilis or chickenpox.

“Anyone with a rash or lesion around or involving their genitals, their anus or any other place that they have not seen it before, should be fully evaluated, both for that rash but particularly for sexually transmitted infection and other illnesses that can cause rash,” Brooks said.

These people must really believe we are Stupid! Monkeypox is not a sexually transmitted disease!

If one frightens the gays, one frightens Hollywood and those businesses that orbit the media system.
Then that particular group is deliberately removed from the conversation and what are you left with?
Joseph T Public.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's announced the Ukraine is the biggest manufacturer of 'Monkey-Pox' vaccines,
it seems to be the global supplier for everything else!

Dr. John Brooks' background: Link.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
"They watch from behind complacent smiles whilst polishing their cutlery. Yet, with egg between the prongs"
Monkeypox the K is silent IMO tinywhat

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