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A past shooting war with UFOs. We stopped shooting
When General Curtis Lemay was head of the airforce I do believe his knee jerk reaction was to shoot first. Well according to the following video about 180 aircraft around the world were destroyed by possible UFO interactions.

We stopped shooting after that. I do understand many governments wanted to get their hands on a UFO and try to back engineer the Tech. Ends would justify the means if they could learn something that would give them a leg up on all their perceived enemies. Most governments will sacrifice their citizens and soldiers for some grand scheme they feel important.

I can listen to this stuff for the entertainment does not mean I accept the stories ... I just put the info in my hummm file for a future reference if needed.

Listening now.  Thanks!   minusculebeercheers     minusculeknocks
A funny interesting video about the future of humans, Disclosure, and the multiple coverups



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