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Alien Interference V

DARK JOURNALIST: Stanton Friedman - UFO Cover Up Revelations! MJ12 & ET Quarantine

Aliens and Pyramids Documentary 2015


Alien Abduction, Bloodlines and Government Conspiracy with The Hidden Hand dir. James Carman

Documentary 2016 ~ Aliens Ancient ~Alien.Evolution & The.Other.Earth

The 1897 Aurora UFO Crash

If you like to listen while you work, you'll love this one. It gets really good around the 27:00 mark, and it lasts for hours and hours:

Ground Zero Media

Project Blue Book: 130,000 pages Declassified Hits the web: Souce Link

FBI vault relating to UFOs. There are 16 sections contained in these documents:

Link: The FBI Vault

And another regarding unexplained phenomena:

Link: FBI - Unexplained Phenomenon

The Brown Mountain Lights

Link: Source

Ingo Swann, Penetration PDF: LINK

The Phoenix Lights, 1997

Article Link: Source

Original Phoenix Lights - UFO footage 3/3/1997

Could the Phoenix Lights Have Been an Alien Showdown?

Read it here: [/url][url=]Link

Ancient Alien Abduction described in 500 year old Chinese manuscript:

Link: Source

There are 159 videos covering all the seasons of Ancient Aliens from this publisher:;

A PDF of All Alien Species:

Link: Source

The Secret Space Program built with Reverse-Engineered Alien Technology

Link: Source

This video shows the most common type of ET visiting Earth:

This is an awesome website which offers some of everything that is “aliens”:

Link: Source

Another website with links covering many UFO related topics:

Link: Source

The Lost Rendlesham CNN Special

Different Alien Races Living on Earth 2015 (with pictures)

Ten Suspected Secret Alien Bases Around the World:

Link: Source

Unexplained Science: Alien Code Found in Human DNA

Article Link: Source

Agarthans or ETs? | Eisenhower's 1954 Meeting With Extraterrestrials or Ancient Breakaway Civilization Humans From Inner Earth?

Link: Source

A website that lists many, many books on the UFO topic:

Some investigators have died in pursuit of the truth behind UFO’s such as Frank Edwards, Edward J. Ruppelt, Karla Turner, Phil Schneider, Ivan T. Sanderson, Doctor James McDonald, and many others. May all these brave souls rest forever in peace.

Rogue File written by: Mystic Wanderer 2016
(05-21-2016, 12:31 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote: Rogue File written by: Mystic Wanderer 2016

I couldn't read it all, but I read a good portion. You put a lot of work into this and did a great job. 

The most fascinating thing I've read about aliens is in Ezekiel 1-28. Are aliens really angels? Sent here to watch over loved ones? You can find them all throughout history and in cave scribblings.
The Goonies R good enough

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