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Top 10 Alien/UFO Close Encounters in Europe
WARNING you may lose over 9.30 mins of your life and suffer bleeding of the brain by continuing  minusculebeercheers

Quote:February 20, 2021 LUFOS EuropeLatest posts

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They’re here… and they’re taking over Europe! For this list, WatchMojo UK counts down the strangest, most infamous and most unexplained alien close encounters across the whole of Europe. With strange events in Britain, France, Finland, Spain and more… which of these examples do you think is the scariest? And which makes you most believe in alien life? link

No bleeding of the Brain, but Yup, lost that 9 minutes you mentioned  smallrofl
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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Yeah, that was back when they were telling us all those idiotic explanations. They thought people were too stupid to know what they saw. That always made me roll my eyes.
Bleeding of the brain?!?!

I'm in. Let her rip, potato chip.
One aspect of the phenomenon is that some cultures are more apt to report sightings than others.

Compared to the USA, Europe has been reluctant to report sightings.  Or maybe, they just don't see anomalies for reasons social-cultural-psychological.  And that is odd, considering how many fairy tales and legends originate out of European folklore.

Beyond that, there has been some really odd stuff in Europe re: UFOs.  Billy Meier and that Spanish UFO cult spring to mind.

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