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A child's dreams of greatness
It was a time of city states where warfare was conducted with sword, bow, and horse.

One day Limi stood by his father's shop as the Great King's honor guard marched by. What a grand sight to behold! Their burnished armor gleamed in the mid-day sun and the way they carried themselves with pride and purpose was something that Limi became completely in awe and impressed by.

After the Guards marched past Limi went to his father and at the tender age of 8 declared he had finally decided what he wanted to be when he grew up, "I want to be a soldier"!

Limi's father, after some consideration closed the shop down and took Limi to see the great hero and general who had saved the city during the last big war.

The General with his great cunning and bravery along with his hand picked troops had defeated a much larger army in a northern valley before the enemy could sack the city. Songs were still sung about the General and his leadership which was looked upon as being only second to the Great King's. Many believed the General's current circumstances were the result of the songs and admiration he received from the people for it was not nice to upstage any King.

They found the hero sitting under a tree on a small hill just inside the secondary wall of the city.

Limi's father knew the General would be there for that is where the Hero sat everyday. Introductions were made and the hero (for a small offering) was coached into telling of the great battles he had fought.

As he spoke Limi could not get over how the once great hero had been reduced to an old man with nothing but a bowl which was used for collecting money to tell stories about his past deeds.

The afternoon passed and as the old hero paused, another coin was used to invigorate the story telling.

During supper that evening Limi's father asked his son if he thought he still wanted to be a hero soldier and warrior for the King's city ?

As time passed, Limi grew into a fine young man who studied under the tutorage of the greatest Doctor in the city as an apprentice. He was by his father bedside when the old man passed away with his last words being, " I am so proud of you my son".

Limi who was now a healer developed a way of using two spoons to remove a barbed arrow head. Limi was also the first healer to be subsidized (paid) by 4 city states to start an actual medical college which taught his art of healing to others. He was the first to use boiled horse tail stitches to close wounds. He developed many useful tools for his craft as Kings and soldiers from all over came to be seen by Limi the Master Healer.

As in all life Limi's time to pass was apparent so he called all his wives and children to his bedside to bid farewell.

All recognized a great man who had given life to so many was now in his final hours before the death of this life.

Upon his passing Limi's body was placed on a funeral pyre and for the first time in the regions history people came from many city states to wish Limi on to the next life.

His college remained a house of education for the next several years until the barbarians came through the region and destroyed almost everything in their blood lust... Nothing remains to this very day except for some of the tools Limi developed to save lives..

The End

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