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Cycles and ice melt
When the poles melt the fresh water is dumped into the ocean triggering another ice age. It is a reoccurring cycle.

The Truth!
Great interview.

Just to ad a little more to your thread.
Quote:Record Cold of 2021 Reminds Us: Be Wary of Climate Predictions and Energy Priorities

Yes, we are going to have another Climate Change and it looks like it will get colder instead of warmer.
Tell Biden that Paris Accord is all about American Tax Dollars/Control and has nothing to do with Global Warming.

Quote:Japan reported 13 deaths and hundreds of hospitalizations in the past week due to the intense snowfall in the country. Residents in Spain were in awe over the record snowfall in their streets. Here in India, Delhi experienced one of its harshest winters in recent memory, with intense cold waves.

Does this disprove global warming? Certainly not! However, the extreme cold events bring about questions over the media narrative that climate change is causing milder winters and temperatures increasing to dangerous levels.
The most worrying aspect is that these extreme cold events are a reminder that we could be in great danger if our governments continue to adopt climate policies based on faulty forecasts and unreliable renewables. Here is why.

The Cold Winter of 2020–2021

My visit to Delhi this December was quite memorable. The city was going through an intense cold spell. Minimum temperatures during the months of October, November, and December broke many records.

Read the rest of this Chilling article here: Source
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Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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