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UK 1981: Woman Burnt by UFO Laser Beam
Im posting this UFO story because I have a question or two about it. Now if the Lady was in a panic and trying to get into the house and was reaching for the door handle that means see was looking at the door handle, ie. looking at the door. So when the beam hit her and paralyzed her how did she manage to turn her head and look at the UFO ?

Also if one looks at the re-enactment photo that is not the position of a persons hand that is trying to open a door, the hand would be more turned  to a point that the beam could not hit that part of the hand. I call BS on this story .So what do people think ?

Quote:[Image: denise.jpg]

On September 10th 1981 Denise Bishop was deliberately bunt by a laser beam emitted by a UFO.
Denise Bishop 23 at the time of her experience had no previous interest in the UFO phenomena.
At about 11:15 pm Denise got out of taxi cab and walked towards her parent´s house in Weston Mill Hill,
Plymouth, UK.

A few steps before reaching the house´s back door she perceives some lights behind the nearby buildings.
Once she reaches the door she is in a position to see what is up there. A large UFO with a width of 35 to 40
meters (125 feet) and a shape resembling the body of a crab is hovering over the houses on the top of the
hill in complete silence.

Her account (1) was recorded by researcher Robert Boyd a few hours later, between 3:15 and 5:00 am:

The object was unlit, and a dark metallic grey, but coming from underneath it and shining down on the
rooftops, beneath it were six or seven broad shafts of light. These were in lovely pastel shades of pink
and purple, and there was also white. I saw all this in an instant, and I was terrified.

I hurriedly reached for the door, but as I put my hand on the handle, from the unlit side of the craft a
lime green-coloured pencil beam of light came and hit the back of my hand. As soon as it touched
my hand I couldn´t move and was stopped dead in my tracks

The beam stayed on my hand for t least thirty seconds, in which time I could only stand and watch the
UFO. I was very frightened, although the UFO was a fantastic sight to see. It was huge and silent.
In fact the whole area around about seemed very quiet.

The green beam which gave off no illumination and was rather like a rod of light, then switched off,
and I continued to open the back door. It was in fact as though a film had been stopped and started

I had been stopped in mid-stride, and when the beam went off I continued with the same movement
as before. I opened the door and rushed into the house. As I did so, I saw the UFO lift up into the sky
slightly and then begin moving away out of my sight.

Rubbing my hand, I ran and told my sister. Together we went outside again, but there was now nothing
to be seen. We went in again and my sister examined my hand, but there was nothing there to see.
I sat down and a few minutes later my sister´s dog began sniffing at the hand and made it sting.
On looking at it again I now noticed spots of blood on it, and after I had washed it I saw that it was burn.

At 2:30 am, on Friday the 11th my sister´s boyfriend, John Greenwell, arrived to pick her up (he had just
finished work for that night as a DJ in a Plymouth night-club) and when he had heard the story he said
we ought to report it to the police.

So he telephoned to the police about it but they did nothing and had no suggestion to make except to
give us the telephone number of Bob Boyd of the Plymouth UFO Research Group.”

Interviews with neighbors provided some further clues. The members of two households stated that on that night
and around 11pm their dogs appeared frightened and nervous. Two days after the incident, Denise´s wound
appeared still very sore.

A week after the incident she had a fully formed scab over her burn. After 3 months she was left with a pale mark
resembling a birth mark.
Who knows what kind of odd body postures a person will get into when they see a UFO, especially if they've never seen one before?

Can't say if it's true, or not; I wasn't there.
I vaguely remember this happening.
  Interestingly, not far from Devonport Royal Dockyard, and Weston Mill is also home to the local crematorium.
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